A Trip to New Orleans: February 1 - February 6

On Royal Street.

Cell phone?  Check.  Sippy cup?  Check.  Sweat pants?  Check, check, check.

I'm supposed to be eating "high carb, low fat" and this is what my mom makes for dinner???!  Jk, I loved it.

My boys in Jackson Square.

Gray days in New Orleans are the best.

Rooftops and gray skies.

Pinkies out at the sandwich shop!


More Jackson Square in the rain.

St. Louis Cathedral.

Lit up for Carnival.

A close up of Maspero's red beans...I was so excited to eat them, this is the best photo I took ;)

My husband knows the way to my heart...yes, those are Dollar General brand Thin Mints.

Paul's of Picayune king cake...the ONLY king cake.

Exhausted baby in the pack 'n' play at his grandparents' house.