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Training Log, Weeks of February 12 and February 19, 2018

Waaaaaaay overdue.  Life is super crazy right now (why do bloggers all say this?  does anyone even care?).  We are planning a major move for summer, my work is intense, and the baby has decided to get six teeth in the space of a few weeks.

Week of February 12

Monday - 3 miles at 9:55/mile.  The weather was bizarre...100% humidity but only 29 degrees.  Which apparently results in very dense fog?

Tuesday - 4 miles at 8:22/mile in the early morning.  I was pounding the pavement to get back before the kids woke up.

Wednesday - 6 miles at 9:15/mile.  This was Ash Wednesday, which is a HUGE deal in our religion, and my husband works for the church.  I was feeling a bit "over churched" so I actually sent the baby to church childcare and went running at noon.  Straight bliss.

Thursday - nothing

Friday - 6 miles at 9:21/mile WITH MY HUSBAND!  A MIRACLE!  Another sitter day.  We got caught in a horrible downpour, so the last mile was like 7:40 hahaha.  Then we got coffee while we were soaki…

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