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Yay, a boot

LOL @ me getting through pregnancy and post partum recovery, with relatively high mileage and no injuries, and now this.  I'm pretty sure I have a bone stress reaction in my left posterior tibia.  There's no one within 100 miles of this mountain town who can do a proper bone scan though, and I don't have time to travel anywhere.  I'm doing 100% of the child care for our family right now, which has probably been apparent from my haphazard blogging schedule.

Mistakes were made.

I do most of my runs on soft surfaces.  Then, on a visit to Birmingham I did a long run on pavement.  I had a lot of trouble recovering from that run.

I'm breastfeeding my second child, and I have prolactin amenorrhea from that.  It's normal, but my hormones are out of balance, which is terrible for bone health.

I've lost some weight.  More than I'd like.  And probably some bone density as well. 

I haven't been sleeping well.  At all.  This is a risk factor for bone stress inj…

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