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Let's Talk About April

As I shared several weeks back, I'm fairly sure I am dealing with a bone stress injury to my left tibia.  First of all, I feel stupid.  Secondly, I'm scared of a more serious injury, or delayed healing, so I took April like 90% "off" from running. 

Here's what that looked like:

Week of April 2
Monday - Bikrim yoga
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Ashtanga yoga primary series
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 35-minute full body "bodyweight" circuit.  I'll probably post several "bodyweight circuit" thingies for this month, so I'll go ahead and clarify that these are good ol' fashioned calisthenics circuits that I design.  They use compound muscle movements (squat, burpee, etc.) to elevate heart rate and bodyweight resistance exercises (push ups, bridges, etc.) to build strength.  #nogymlife

Week of April 9
Monday - 20 minutes on the stationary bike; 25-minute circuit of abs, bench press, shoulder press
Tuesday - Rest

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