Our Week: March 21 - March 27

We went to my parents' house for an evening, and W fed their ducks.

Of course, duck bread is delicious.

My mom made a late St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Spicy mustard is key.

Nate and my father did some more work on the Rabbit.

Nate drove it around the neighborhood a bit.

Constantly impressed by my mother in law's foolproof pie crust recipe (this one was a quiche).

A trip to the park with our La Leche League playgroup.

I looked over, and W was just hanging out like this.

As I got closer, I saw that he was stuck.  Head on the ground, feet in the air, totally calm. 

Trying to decide whether to slide.

Skeptical kid.


We've had some gorgeous 60-degree days, windows open, watching the sunset from the kitchen.  I love spring.

I got some bananas Dominicas from our Hispanic grocery store, and W thought they were the funniest thing he had ever seen.  Yes, I'm wearing Teva sandals...YOLO.