My running life, halfway through pregnancy

I'm completely shocked how quickly this pregnancy is going by!  I'm a lot busier than I was the first time around, but still.  It feels like the calendar is whipping by me.

Last week, I hit the 300-mile milestone in my pregnancy miles.  Not too bad considering I was at a low point in my volume of running at the time I got pregnant.  I've actually managed to increase weekly mileage over the past few months, which I never saw coming.  I'm averaging 25-30 miles per week right now, and it feels comfortable and relaxed.  I only run 4-5 days a week, and a six-mile run feels like it's right in the "sweet spot" for maintaining fitness but recovering quickly.  I'm running based on heart rate and avoiding going over my anaerobic threshold for any significant period of time.  This means going slower.  I'm cool with that. 

Track club group run on this Saturday, March 18.  I'm hiding in the back by the tall guy.

I'm still accumulating a lot of that mileage during my track club's Saturday morning long run.  I'm doing a bit of cross training to replace midweek runs, and LOVING spinning.  I'm still holding back from going completely nuts with cross training, because I know there may/will come a time in the third trimester when that will be all I have left.

Here's a quick rundown of last week:

Monday - 6 miles @ 10:16 on trails.  Halfway through, it started pouring rain.  Of course, I was...three miles from my car.  I finished the run haha.

Tuesday - Rest.  Snacks.  Stretching.  You know the drill.

Wednesday - 70-minute spinning class with a friend.  It was all cardio intervals, which I love right now for my current goals of maintaining my cardiovascular base.

Thursday - 6 miles @ 10:28 on trails, in very cold weather.  We didn't get any snow from the huge Nor'easter that blew in...just some unexpected sub-freezing temps.  I had to get tights back out, boo hoo ;)

Friday - 4.8 @ a variety of paces.  I met a friend at a local jogging trail, and we only made it about a mile before she realized an old injury was flaring up and she needed to walk back to her car.  I went with her.  Then I logged another 3 miles @ 9:27 before work.  Flat pavement and nice weather felt great after a week of muddy trails.

Saturday - 10.2 @ 10:52 with the track club.  Another downpour!  My pace group and I stopped to bag all our electronics and car keys with dog poop bags, and didn't hit our target 10:30 pace.  This was a very hilly run, as the track club is preparing for a challenging 15k race, the Statue 2 Statue.

Early spring weather conditions, actual baby bump.

So, there you have it.  Last week was 27.2 miles.  I'm on target to meet or exceed that again this week (ran 6 on trails today).  I very rarely see paces below 10 minutes/mile anymore (and it pains me to consider that I used to be part of the 8:30 long run pace group!).  I am trying to MAINTAIN cardiovascular conditioning through pregnancy.  I am running by heart rate and perceived effort.  I am 100% committed to making it through labor and delivery uninjured.  And yes, I am likely heaving another huge, hulking baby through my little pelvis.  I need to be in awesome shape -- mentally and physically -- to make this happen.  I'm wearing a support band (the Gabrialla Medium Support) for hard exercise now, to help distribute some of the extra weight on my hips.

I've gained nine or ten pounds so far...hydrating for longer runs and the general weirdness and bloating of pregnancy make this hard to quantify exactly.  I'm a full fifteen pounds up from my "racing weight," though.  And yes, I definitely feel it on steep inclines or soft surfaces.  I am definitely aware of the extra effort it takes to haul a heavier (and top-heavy) body around.  I hope it's making me strong as hell.   I'm carefully tracking nutrients and hydration, taking a multivitamin, and making sure I "eat back" all the calories I burn during exercise.  I try not to let myself get hungry or thirsty at all during the day.

Other than that, (running) life goes on.  Work is exciting and lucrative lately, and I am grateful for a career that lets me care for my family so easily.  I count my blessings every day.

I'll post soon with some actual baby bump photos from 20 weeks, and about our planned move to the mountains this fall (!).  Have a great week, everyone! 


Dolly said…
Way to go! You might think you are slowing down, but I'm super impressed. You will pick up right where you left off. After my first kiddo I could barely figure out how to fit running back into my life, and I never thought I would regain my fitness. But, after the second one, everything fell into place and I was able to smash a half marathon nine months postpartum. I have a feeling you will snap back even faster. :)