Our Week: November 22 through November 28

This week is going to be mostly photos with captions...we are traveling for the holiday, and I'm trying to squeeze in some work as well.  It's tough!

On Saturday, I ran farther than I ever have before (don't tell my marathon training pace group!)  I felt great until mile 9, when I started having some cramps in my calves and just generally feeling like I was moving very slowly, even though I wasn't.  I drank some Powerade around mile 7 and mile 10, and didn't feel TOO sick, which is a HUGE achievement for me.  

Later on Saturday, Nate went to the MSU/Vanderbilt football game in Starkville, where he met my dad.  They hit the engineering school tailgate and watched the game while W and I hung out and sent selfies to them.

More mother/son selfies.  Tuesday morning, we got up at 3:30 am to fly to Washington, D.C. for Thanksgiving.  This is a photo of my naked mug and W's stinkface when we learned that our flight was "delayed indefinitely" for maintenance.  I was worried W would run out of patience, but we finally got off the ground around 7 am. 
W in front of my sister in law's hearth.  I couldn't resist.

We spent some time going through old family photos like this one.  This photo was taken in about 1941, on the Upper West Side of New York City.  It's my mother in law and her step brother Arthur, and I think they are both dashing.
Our Thanksgiving spread.

My Thanksgiving plate...I had more deviled eggs (because, of course I did), plus about three times this much green bean casserole.  The "Yankee" version of stuffing is really growing on me, and this one was actually delicious.

I call this one "Piefecta."  If you can't choose which type of pie, just have them all. This is pumpkin, pecan, and sweet potato praline.  Topped with that amazing fake whipped cream product, of course.

We got this at Wegman's and it is amazing for the price.  I wish there were Wegman's in Alabama :(

Friday morning, I made red eye gravy for breakfast, and we ate the last of the deviled eggs.  Believe it or not, my sister in law didn't know how to make gravy!  I spent a few hours over the holiday showing her how to make several different versions.  Do you guys know how to make gravy?  Should I make some sort of blog gravy tutorial?