Our Week: November 8 through November 14

Our week started early in the day on Saturday, November 8, the day of the Vulcan Run 10k, sponsored by my local track club.

I ran it in 48:24, a PR for me (although the first 10k I've run since deliberately training for speed).

I have no idea why this time receipt says "Corinth Classic," BTW.  Probably some other race timed by the same company.  I ended up 4/111 for my age gender, because the winner of my division was Carmen Hussar, who was part of the elite division.  I plan to write up all the details of this race in a separate race report later this week.

Tuesday, November 11, was the American holiday Veterans Day.  I went to a luncheon given by my chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, held at a private club on top of Red Mountain.  I just love Art Deco architecture, especially neon.  It really reminds me of my time spent in New York.

That afternoon, we went to the Birmingham Veterans Day Parade.  Trivia:  Birmingham, Alabama has the nation's largest and oldest Veterans Day Parade.  The parade route actually comes within a block of our apartment.

On Friday, we bought a new car ;)  Nate and I have been driving an older Corolla (a more compact model from before the 2008 redesign) with a manual transmission.  It definitely had some scars from years in the Colorado mountains, multiple cross-country trips, regular street parking in New York City, and even a tree that fell during Hurricane Sandy.  Although losing the Corolla was bittersweet, we really needed a new ride.  Since we couldn't be happier with the new car, I'll do a separate post about it later. 

That evening, W's first birthday, my parents drove over for a visit, and we all went out for a lavish steak dinner.  Once Nate and I started discussing what type of birthday party W would like, we quickly agreed that we should treat him to a special meal.  W loves to eat, and he has such an adventurous palate.  For his first birthday meal, he had a cheese plate, lamb chops, and a slice of gorgeous triple layer vanilla cake made by his Gaga.  He got a pair of moccasins from Nate and me, so he can keep his feet clean and dry as he learns to walk.

I just love this little guy to pieces.  He is a very curious, thoughtful, gentlemanly, and pleasant baby.  He is capable of amusing himself for hours, he is enthralled by music and books, and he loves animals.  He follows the dog around, squealing and chattering to her.  One of his favorite things is sitting in his dad's lap watching music videos on Youtube.  Right now, his favorites are M.I.A.'s Bad Girls, Beck's E-pro, and Madonna's Hung Up.  He absolutely loves to eat, and family dinners are one of the most precious times we share together.  We have been able to feed him a modified version of what we eat, almost from day one.  He tries everything we give him, but his favorites are banana slices, pesto, grilled meats, and fresh bread.  I can be sure that W will enjoy any food item I prepare with garlic and fresh herbs.  He has been an excellent sleeper from three months old, and I am thankful every morning that I have been able to get rest during the first year of his life.  I am also grateful each day that we have a good breastfeeding relationship, and that he is such a healthy child.

Happy birthday, W.  We love you :)

I can't even believe he used to be this tiny.