Our Week: January 3 through January 9

First of all, hi!

This is my happy face.

To help my dad with treatment for his broken knee, I have been spending more time at my parents' house.  They have gorgeous full length mirrors and great lighting.  Such a difference from my tiny medicine cabinet and Edison bulbs.  I've been living in these jeggings for months, so I finally bit the bullet and bought some nice jeans from Made in Heaven.  It's an accomplishment, I guess.

Saturday morning long run...oh, how I love to hate you.  Working as a pacer has really made me more accountable for getting mileage in.  This week was 17 miles at a 9:30mm pace.  I guess things are serious now?

Almost three hours of running :|

Decent splits, moderately hilly route.
Later on in the week, temperatures dropped very low.  Wednesday morning, the thermometer said 8 degrees, so I noped myself right on down to the gym treadmill.  This photo is a perfect depiction of how the treadmill makes me feel...exhausted, dehydrated, useless, sad, and bored.  Ha.

Did I mention I hate the treadmill?

And of course, running goes hand in hand with food.

Breakfast at Crestline Bagels has become a weekly family outing.

My homemade pizza recipe has been perfected!  This is the perfect meal on nights before hard workouts.

I've been eating this for breakfast: raw oats, kefir, dried fruit, and raw sugar.
I'll leave you with this photo of my poor dad's knee x-ray.  Yikes. 

Just looking at this makes my knee hurt.