Workouts - September 14, 2015 (way behind schedule!)

Here I am...trying to catch up on my workout posts.

Rise and grind with the Track Club (don't I look excited??!)

Over the past few weeks I have felt very strong, and gotten a lot faster.  I'm trying to figure it out so I can do more of it!  Honestly, I think just more runs, more hills, and more speed are helping me.  Plus, I've had eight solid weeks where my mileage has been in the neighborhood of 30 miles per week.  All about that base, I guess.  (I've said it before, but I am not a high mileage runner.  I like to emphasize strength and consistency over volume.)

Monday: 6 @ 9:02 on my usual downtown loop

Tuesday: 4 @ 8:35 as part of a Track Club social event.  This was an evening run and BOY HOWDY was it hot!  I also ran with the lead group, because I was feeling really rested and fueled up (not like my normal morning zombie self).  It was hilly, it felt good.

Hamming it up, I guess?

Wednesday: 4 @ 9:07 done as a progression on the treadmill.  I followed it up with a traditional power lifting bench press workout and some core and stability work on the BOSU 360.

Thursday: 8.6 @ 9:04 on a super hilly route that took me up and over Red Mountain twice.  In retrospect, this is probably the reason I have seen some marked improvements in strength and speed this week.

Friday: my usual hour-long vinyasa yoga class

Saturday: 11 @ 8:37 with the Track Club Saturday Long Run group.  I absolutely SMASHED this run.  It was incredibly hilly, the weather was cool, I ran with some interesting new people, great conversation, and felt strong and fast the whole time.  I can almost taste the fall running weather we have coming up.

Still waiting for Old Navy to call with the sponsorship offer. 

Sunday: Rest

Totals: 33.7 miles of running, a weight training session, a yoga class, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Only four more Saturday runs before my half marathon in Chattanooga!  And there you have it.  Everyone have a great weekend!