Workouts - September 7, 2015

Fooled you, huh?  I'm only just now getting a chance to put this past week's workouts up.  The holiday weekend was amaaaaaazing for me, and I got a real chance to unwind and even do a bit of the housework I have been putting off.

Three little bits of news:

1) My husband ran a trail race on Saturday morning, and he won his (tough...30 to 39!) age group, and came in seventh overall.  I am so proud (and jealous) of his natural speed!  More photos down below :)

2) I have started seeing a sports therapist at my chiropractor's office, and he is a very burly Icelandic man who is helping snap my hips back into shape.  I hope this will be the key to breaking out of this injury cycle and the pain I have been having for the past week.

3) I have taken the diet project to an ALL NEW "Hardly Awesome" Instagram account, and you can follow along at

Okay, the workouts!

This week was a weird one.  I skipped out on Saturday's long run, because my hip was hurting.  First skipped run this cycle!  The hip is an old injury, for those of you playing along at home.  I'm just trying to really take care of it.  That gave me just 24.6 miles for the week, but I ran 7ish today and felt good.

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday: 5.1 miles @ 8:28

Wednesday: 6.1 miles @ 9:16, chiropractor and massage (with the aforementioned Icelandic dude)

Thursday: Treadmill tempo.  One mile warmup, 5 miles @ 7:55, chest and shoulders press workout, injury prevention stuff

Friday:  Leg day weights workout, injury prevention stuff, hour-long vinyasa yoga class

Saturday:  Nada.  I volunteered at my husband's trail race, though.
Sunday:  7.5 miles @ 9:16. 

The injury thing:  I made several mistakes this week that I think triggered some more pain.  I did two "faster" runs.  The sports massage on Wednesday was very aggressive and left some of my tendons feeling loose and bruised.  I really bumped up the weight on my squat.  Yoga sucks.  I'm trying to be more careful and not get back in the same situation I was in this spring.  I'll update as things develop, of course.

Now, some more photos: