A Week of Workouts - May 23, 2016

Back at it!  Happy Monday, everyone.  Here are my workouts from the past week...

Two of my favorite running buddies - Gary and Chris.

Monday - 5 @ 8:57 in my hilly neighborhood, before my family woke up.  Later on, I went to the gym for:

Deadlifts 45# 2x12
Deadlifts 95# 1x12
Deadlifts 115# 1x5
Squat Press 90# 10x20
Resistance Band Pull Ups
Ab Dolly 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1

Getting organized for the week. 

Tuesday - 6.7 @ 8:58, an easy hour on the treadmill listening to some CLE podcasts.

All the magnolias bloomed, pretty much overnight. 
Wednesday - Weights with my gym partner, Katherine:

Superset - Cable Chest Press and Push Ups
Superset - Cable Biceps Curls and Leg Ups
Superset - Cable Rear Delt Flyes and Leg Ups
Superset - Cable Biceps Curls and Low Row
Superset - Back Extension and Overhead Press (25#)
Side (Oblique) Extension
Weighted oblique work
Shoulders and biceps with a 10# plate, to failure
Abs, abs, abs until I couldn't

I didn't run this day, just spent about 90 minutes on this deloaded upper body workout.  I probably did 300 leg ups on the floor, and remarkably, I can already tell a huge difference in strength during yoga classes.

I did make the decision on Wednesday evening to store all my heavier running clothes (tights and basically everything with any kind of sleeve).  I organized all my lighter clothes and surprised myself with a nice stack of 27 (!) sports bras.  I wear them as shirts, though, and definitely use all of them.  No regrets. 

Veteran's Park sweatfest.

Thursday - 2 @ 7:57, then 4 @ 8:24 on the trails at Veteran's Park.  I was going to spend the morning working from home, but we had some sudden changes of plans.  At the last minute, I jumped in the car with my husband and hitched a ride to the park.  I did a few laps, went to a short (Skype) meeting, then ran another four miles.

Coffee between back-to-back runs?  YES, PLEASE! 

Friday - 4 @ 9:13 on the treadmill, then an hour-long vinyasa yoga class.  My gym keeps tinkering with the yoga schedule in preparation for summer, and it's sort of throwing me off.  I arrived too early and didn't know what to do with myself, so I did an easy treadmill run instead of standing around.  Then, I had to RUSH out of the class as soon as it ended.  I do really love this Friday class, but I may have to find another one that fits my schedule better.  Boo.  

Pool deck is open now, too!

Friday night, we hosted a dinner party and I made all sorts of amazing food, including some garlic knots and some shortbread.  It was such a fun night.

This pre-long run breakfast selfie has become part of my Saturday ritual.  Also pictured: sunscreen that ended up being totally unnecessary in the disgusting and NOT-forecasted rain. 

Saturday - 10.2 @ 8:48 for the Track Club Saturday Long Run.  This was a social run, hosted by Athleta Sportswear and Octane Coffee Shop.  The weather was astonishingly awful...99% humidity with intermittent rain, and the temperature in the low 80s.  Of course, it poured rain for the first half mile, so I had to finish the run in completely soaked clothes and shoes.  The whole thing just HURT, my heart rate was really high, and the weather was affecting everyone and the group morale was down, down, down.  My pace group even decided to walk a few hills, because everyone was suffering so much.  Great conditioning for summer, I guess.

And this happened.  So yeah, this run sucked.

But, at least there were free Steel City popsicles after.  This one is toasted coconut creme.  I also tried the passion fruit and toasted sesame seed.

Sunday - 5 @ 8:52 just before sunrise.  Sundays are always so busy and unpredictable, that I have been trying to get a little run in before the day starts.  It gives me a little illusion of control haha!  This one felt great, and the weather had cooled off quite a bit overnight.

I took the dog for a lap, too.

I was also able to hit up my favorite Ashtanga yoga practice in the afternoon, to finish the week.

Totals - 37.3 miles of running (woo hoo!), including hills, a steady state run on the treadmill, trails, tempo on the treadmill, a long run, and a somewhat hilly recovery.  Two weights workouts.  Two yoga classes.  

Have a great week!  


Kristin said…
That wire bin idea is genius. I might look for one with wheels so I can move it into the closet when necessary. My running clothes are currently stuffed in a box under my dresser, organized only by "tops" and "bottoms," and I need a better solution.