A Week of Workouts - May 30, 2016

Hello!  This post is sandwiched between a three-day work trip to Savannah, Georgia and today's Memorial Day family events.  "Succinct" is the vocabulary word of the day!

Monday - 6 @ 9:26 around my neighborhood, nice and early.  With the weather as suddenly hot and humid as it is, I am running more by feel and heart rate.

Tuesday - 6.4 @ 9:15, an hour nice and easy on the treadmill.  I made myself a new treadmill music playlist and it's awesome.

Wednesday - 6.1 @ 8:40 around my neighborhood.  Unfortunately, this run needed to happen just a little before noon, and it was 85 degrees and humid.  I stashed a little bottle of ice water in some bushes, and did a two-mile loop three times.

Thursday - Complete rest, for work travel.

Friday - 4.3 @ 9:14, on the hotel treadmill for 40 minutes.  WAAAAAY too early in the morning.

Saturday - 10 @ 8:57 with the Birmingham Track Club Saturday long run group.  I made it back into town just in time to set my stuff out and climb into bed Friday night.  Of course, the weather on Saturday provided more of the genuine summer running conditions we have been getting.  Because of the holiday weekend, it was a light crowd, which meant we were low on water cache supplies.  I didn't take any water during the first six miles, hoping to conserve some for the slower runners.  HUGE MISTAKE.  I was in a lot of pain by mile seven, and gladly drank from the moldy water fountain at Jemison Trail.  It was a lifesaver.  Next week, I am definitely going to 1) volunteer to put out some extra water, and 2) carry a hand bottle.

Sunday - 3 @ 9:01 around my neighborhood, early in the morning.  I took the dog with me for the first mile.

Totals - 36.1 miles of running, and that's it.  It happens, and I'll take it!