Crusher Ridge 21k Trail Race at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve: A Race Report in Photos

Out of the starting chute...Katherine in black, me in purple, and Jessica in peach.

Third aid station...sun's out, guns out!

A final training run with Jessica and Katherine.  Photos are out of order, and I don't care.

Final training run with the women's ultra club.  Left to right: Teresa, Michelle, Katherine, Jessica, Jodi, and me.  Also out of order, obv.

Staging area for the Crusher Ridge race.

With Jessica at the start.

With Matt and Jessica.

Standing around in gear, waiting for someone with a gun.

About four miles in, morale was still high.

Matt, Jessica, me, Katherine, Katherine's son Stephen (who outright won the 5k trail event).  This is obviously before the race, because I am not bleeding yet.

After the race and about three beers.  I can tell, because my knees are trashed.  Left to right:  Michelle, me, Joseph, Katherine.

With Jessica at the top of Ruffner mountain...mile 10?  A guy running the 42k took this photo for us.

Strava grab...I didn't "race" this, but paced Jessica for half of the 42k, then volunteered at an aid station for the second half.
Official race map.