Our Week: December 13 through December 19

I'll start this off with the Strava screen shot of my Saturday morning long run.  This week had 15 miles on the schedule, and I paced a group of five people.  We had one person drop with knee pain, but otherwise everyone finished strong.  Check out the split for our mile 13!


Right around that point, a woman in the group said, "we're almost back!" and everyone sort of kicked into gear.  

As an aside, I'm still trying to get a handle on how to dress for longer runs, because of the huge variety in winter weather here.  Whereas last week's run was 60 degrees with hard rain, this week was around 30 degrees with wind and sun.  I wore a warm pair of Saucony fitted tights, a long sleeve Athleta half-zip, my pacer t-shirt, gloves, a fitted beanie, and a fleece headband.  I still felt chilled on my lower body, and my hands were going numb intermittently.  I'll get it figured out, but I will note that this week was unusual in that the temperature didn't rise with the sun.  The water and sports drinks at our aid stations were starting to freeze by the end of the run. 

On Sunday, I made six dozen Christmas cookies for the party sponsored by our church soup kitchen.  And I drank a Nut Cracker Ale to get me in the mood. 

Too many cookies.  Not enough beer. 

On Monday morning, we took W out to Crestline Bagels for some breakfast.  I knew that the rest of the week would be full of work deadlines, social activities, church work, and appointments, so I wanted to schedule some family time early. 

A bagel for everyone.

Working on restaurant manners :)

Nate requested one of our favorite meals - Tamil tofu and raisins.  I'll post a recipe later this week...it's incredibly easy, cheap, and flavorful.  

Tamil tofu and raisins.

After our monthly La Leche League meeting, W and I finished up some Christmas shopping at Target.  W has gotten to where he likes to lounge in the cart seat and have a snack while we shop.  I got him his favorite veggie chips from Fresh Market as a treat. 

Kickin' it in the 'burbs.

Wednesday was the soup kitchen party.  Everyone's donated cookies looked gorgeous.

Beaucoup cookies. 

The community kitchens staff hired a professional photographer, and everyone agreed to the photos, so I took a few myself.  Of course, they are nowhere near professional, but this one really shows the size of the crowd. 

Such a great group of parishioners and friends. 

I was delighted to see that W is finally big enough to wear a pair of jeans we got as hand-me-downs from a second cousin.  They are toddler Wranglers from about 1974.  He is basically a tiny teenager in these photos, and I love it.   

He loves the stereo remote.

Like father, like son.
Thursday SUCKED because I had some painful dental work first thing in the morning, and had to work afterward anyway.  Ew.

On Friday night, I tried out a new pizza crust recipe, and I was incredibly pleased with the results.  I want to play with the mixing technique, and maybe the oven temperature, but I'll post a recipe as soon as I get the kinks worked out.  

I honestly wasn't prepared for how easy this dough was to handle. 

Finished product.  With German beer and some dried arbol chilies.