Our Week: November 29 through December 5

Our family was in the Washington D.C. area until Thursday of this past week, so here are a few photos of the time we spent there. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

At the Smithsonian Museum of American History (not an actual exhibit, haha).

The Lincoln Memorial

The Reflecting Pool

View from the Lincoln Memorial

I had plenty of opportunities to keep up with my running, although I skipped my normal Saturday morning long run in favor of some extra family time and a Thanksgiving leftovers brunch.  Just check out some of this great terrain I was able to run!

Beautiful, scenic running.

My in-laws live on a ridge high above the Occoquan River Reservoir.  It is scenic and steep.  This time of year, it is a gorgeous mosaic of fall colors, early snow, wood smoke, and wildlife.  I saw hawks, foxes, deer, bats, and even a porcupine.  At the northern part of the waterfront, there were opulent mansions, some with tennis courts, indoor pools, and roof terraces.  I definitely had a good view on my runs!

Manassas Battlefield National Park, statue of Stonewall Jackson

Manassas Battlefield National Park

Manassas Battlefield National Park

The two cutest boys in Virginia

The flight home

Downtown Birmingham

When we arrived home to Birmingham, I was delighted to see that our neighborhood is all lit up for Christmas.  Even the Regions Bank headquarters is lit like a Christmas wreath.  Happy December, everyone!