Our Week: December 6 through December 12

This week's post is a bit late, I know.  I had some trouble with the file transfer software I use for photos, but it's fixed now.

Saturday morning started out with the usual long run with the Birmingham Track Club Mercedes-Benz Marathon training team.  This week, it was 14 miles, and I paced for the 9:15 mm group.  I woke up at 5:00 am for the 6:00 am run, and the weather looked just fine while I was getting dressed.  The minute I pulled out of our garage, though, the sky opened up...thunder, lightning, torrential rain...UGH.  The first hour of the run was done in hard rain, and I didn't have a dry piece of clothing on me by the end. 

Some steep hills this week.

Saturday afternoon, we took W to the Bass Pro Shop (I KNOW) Winter Wonderland to have his photo made with Santa.  The photos at Bass Pro Shop are free, so I guess we should have been prepared for the two-hour wait.  Oh well, at least we have a good and patient child. 

So over it.

Extremely skeptical of the carousel.

Worth it!

Here's a photo that truly captures Nico's personality.  She is part border collie, so she's always on Orange Alert and slightly cross-eyed.  We love her.

Sunday afternoon laziness. 

My work schedule is a little non-traditional, and I often have Mondays free for outings with the family.  This week, we all went to Hop City to look for some Christmas-y wine and beer.  I tried Sweet Leif from Local Option brewery in Chicago.  It's a Belgian-style pale infused with Chinese Sencha tea.  Doesn't the label look totally bad ass?

Am I the only one who gets a sweet tooth and fills a plate with every kind of munchie in the pantry?

W is really starting to get around, and we've started putting him in this Christmas hat pretty much 24/7.  So I'll just leave you with this...