Our Week: March 28 - April 3

So...this week included most of Holy Week.  Because Nate works for the Church, it meant a lot of shuffling around with the car and W, some very late nights, and some planned and unplanned deviations from our schedule.  We had a fun trip planned for the weekend, but it didn't work out for a variety of reasons.  Boring!

Also boring:  I'm injured and taking some steps back from the high intensity and volume in my running schedule.  I plan a separate post on that before too long.  For now, I'll just say that YES things are finally improving, and I've been able to do some short runs without pain.  I made some early mistakes with the injury...I kept running on it, I couldn't properly identify the problem, I didn't understand what was wrong, and I had real difficulty dialing back on the running.  It's been a major adjustment to change the way I approach something that is so meaningful and enjoyable for me, but I'm handling it.

Okay, on to the photos!

My son's ginger hair...#nofilter, I guess?

My own ginger hair...#nomakeup haha.
The Mexican grocery continues to be amazing, because of this pan dulce.

I MADE MY OWN NAAN!!!!  And lamb biryani, and roasted cauliflower, but that is less exciting.

Then I discovered that naan is a breakfast food, too.

Breakfast is kind of a big deal at our house.  Here is Nate's flawless French toast.

Nate was out for the Good Friday service, so W and I had a two-person pizza party.

And then we had a pajama party.