Workouts - April 20, 2015

I have not yet made a point of logging workouts on here, other than linking to my Strava account and saying, "I run outdoors every day...check it out!"  I think that is going to change, because, 1) I am recovering from an injury, so I am cross training more than I am running, and 2) I believe the injury is partially due to some imbalance in my training. are my workouts for the past few weeks!

April 6 - 12
Monday: One hour spin class, extra stretching
Tuesday: Three easy miles on the treadmill, 9:20 pace
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 2.7 mile run around my neighborhood, 8:57 pace
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: 4 mile run at the Birmingham Track Club spring social, 9:50 pace (very hilly and I tried to run "safe")
Sunday: Rest

April 13 - 19
Monday: went to yoga with my friend Rebecca, then lazed around in the pool :)
Tuesday: 5.6 mile run through my unfortunately hilly neighborhood, major IT pain at mile 3, so I walked the rest
Wednesday: 2000 meter swim
Thursday: Rest (we went to my parents' for the night)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2 mile warmup on the treadmill, 10:00 pace, weight training (squats/pullups/deadlifts), 1000 meter swim
Sunday: 2.5 miles on the treadmill, 8:48 pace; one hour of TRX training

As you can see, things have been pretty mellow the past few weeks.  I have been trying to work in plenty of rest and take it easy on the running intensity.  Today, I have another appointment to check the progress with my left leg, and I will update.

I also bought a multi-sport GPS watch and heart rate monitor, so I can get more information out of these indoor workouts and swims.  Of course, I had to search around to get the BEST deal on it.  That means it is being shipped from the West Coast and it isn't quite the color I wanted, but whatevs.  I will share my new gadgetry when it arrives ;)

I know I also said that I would share my V02 max and comp testing, but I'm just not organized/bored to get that together yet.  Soon!