Workouts and Other Recent Things - April 27, 2015

April 20 - 26
Monday:  Rest
Tuesday: 2000 meter swim
Wednesday: 2.5 mile run outdoors (8:54 pace)
Thursday: 5 mile run on the treadmill (done as a progression, 10:00 average pace)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest, but not by whole family was very sick for a few days
Sunday: Still sick :(

I am thrilled to say, I finally got this thing in the mail!

New robot friend.
So far, I've only been able to wear it a bit around the apartment and test out the instantaneous heart rate.  It seems to work pretty well!  This model takes heart rate on the wrist with an optical sensor.  It has a GPS for outdoor sports, and an accelerometer for indoor sports.  INCLUDING THE POOL!   I'm so excited.  I've already adjusted all the settings with my body metrics, stride length, pool size, etc. and now I just need to feel well enough to use the thing.

My one complaint is that it seems a bit large for my wrist.  It's supposedly for women and men, but I have to wear the band on the very smallest setting.  Even then, there is a bit of light leak and I am worried it will interfere with the HR sensor.  That remains to be seen.  Worst case scenario, I will contact TomTom about a smaller band or solution.  I mean...I do have tiny wrists, but I'm not "petite."  There have got to be plenty of female runners just as small or smaller, right? 

And on that same note, I finally hit the gym at a time (Thursday night) when there was no one else in the locker room.  I managed one photo to show you guys 1) these hideous new 1" inseam running shorts in pee-effing-urple, and 2) how pimp is this locker room???!

Too stressed to make a normal face.

Running has been lame lately.  I have worked my way back up to 10-mile weeks, and hope to try for a 12-mile week this week!  It's hard not to feel like it's back to square one.  But, I haven't really lost any speed that I can tell.  I'm mostly just weak on my left side.  I did make it out to volunteer for a track club race last weekend, the Statue2Statue 15k a/k/a the Toughest 15k in the South.

We had an awkward moment when we realized that four out of six of us working the water stop were lawyers.  What are the odds???!

Some of my water stop peeps. 

Less time running has meant more time for taking W to the park.  He's so funny about the swing.  He always asks to get in the swing, says "wheee!," and seems to enjoy it.  Then, he wants to get down less than a minute later.  It's almost like he's checking to make sure he still doesn't like it or something?  Who knows.

Just hanging out.

I've also perfected my naan recipe.  For me, naan is like bacon.  You never say, "man, I wish we hadn't ordered so much naan!"  Because there's no such thing.  Homemade naan is time consuming but worth the wait.  Here it is with some Indian food I made at home last week:

Mama bear, papa bear, baby bear.