Vengeance is mine.

I feel like I have been redeemed! 

On Thursday, I had my last session of physical therapy.  I need another few "check ins" to make sure things are staying in place as I get stronger, but I am done with the hard work.

Hopefully, there will be a lot less of ^^this^^ in my future.  (BTW, that is my therapist in the yellow shirt, and he gets all the credit for smacking me back into shape.  Atita at Premier PT, ladies and gentlemen.)

Also, this morning I ran 10 miles at a 9:40 pace and it felt amazing.  After eight weeks out for injury, followed by three weeks of struggling to get my fitness back, this was the first run where I felt strong and relaxed for the whole thing.  I feel so optimistic now.  Also, I completely understand why people never start running in the first place, because working up to a basic level of running-specific aerobic fitness from scratch can be overwhelming.  Over the past month, I have had many, MANY runs where I just put my head down and suffered.  Today's run was liberating.

And for that reason, I couldn't wait for Monday's post to talk about it.  TL;DR YAY RUNNING!


Gracie said…
Yay indeed! I know the comeback difficulties after two surgeries last year - starting over is rough.
Jen said…
Those first few runs that feel good after being "off" or injured for a while are SO exciting. Congrats!
Rheagan said…
It is :(

I just kept telling myself, "put your head down and do the work." Good luck to you!
Rheagan said…
They are! Saturday felt like a million bucks! Thanks for reading.