Workouts - June 22, 2015 and Photos from Last Week's Run Social

First of all, let me say that I am completely gutted about the murders in Charleston.  Just last month, my family traveled to Charleston as tourists, and we took a walking tour along church row.  In my post, I mentioned the great old Pinckney name in reference to my distant cousins who lived in the area seven generations ago.  I am at a loss to find words for any of this.

Our church has a devout and racially diverse group of parishioners, and we felt the loss of our brothers and sisters in Charleston in an especially sharp way.  On Sunday, our rector delivered a gut wrenching sermon on the matter, and it has been the first bit of clarity I have had during any of this.

I generally keep religion and politics off this blog, but I could not jump into this post without saying something.  Especially since I posted very recently on churches in Charleston.

Now, let's look at some happy photos of runners doing running things, and my sweet son.  I hope these cheer you guys.

I am working as an ambassador for the Birmingham Track Club now.  We are a group of 15 fanatical runners who work to promote the track club on social media and to our friends in the city.  We have started hosting Saturday afternoon socials with other running groups in town, and Saturday we were with the Downtown Running Club.  They led us on a four-mile run, and we set up coolers full of drinks and a table of fruit and pastries.  I opted out of the run, because I had just finished my Saturday long run, but I had plenty of exercise chasing this guy around the city sidewalks.

And, here are the workouts from this week:

June 15 - June 21
Monday: 5.5 miles on Lakeshore Trail, 9:12 pace
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 6.3 miles on Lakeshore Trail, 9:26 pace
Thursday: 3.5 miles around downtown, 9:05 pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 11.6 miles with the track club, 9:13 pace
Sunday: dynamic warmup and abs, hour long cycling class

I meant to do another day of cross training, but ended up with two rest days instead.  I'll admit, sometimes the days definitely get away from me.  Nate and I both have non-traditional work schedules and we try to arrange things so one of us is home with W and we don't have to use much childcare.  Then we both need to plan around the hottest time of the day, deal with work emergencies, and share one car. 

My work is busy right now because 1) we are signing a huge deal tomorrow, and 2) it's fiscal year end.  Nate's work is busy right now because people rely on social services more in the summer (kids stop receiving free school lunches, air conditioning bills use up extra income, etc.).  Sometimes I get to the end of the day without a workout, and I'm trying to be more okay with that.  I see so much improvement just based on mileage alone, so I try not to skimp on that and not worry about too much else.  And I'm also aware I haven't been in the pool lately. With school out for summer, the pool is N-U-T-Z and I'm scared of it! 

I'm working on a diet post for later in the week, and it promises to be both embarrassing and photo-heavy.  


Dolly said…
How hot was it during the afternoon run? Also what kind of shorts are you wearing? They look very lightweight for the summer.
Jen said…
What a cutie! I kind of want that anchor tee for myself...
Rheagan said…
It's H&M from last summer, when their whole boy's section was nautical themed. I love it, too!
Rheagan said…
I think it was low 80s. Nothing like the 100-degree heat we're having this week. My husband runs in absurdly hot midday heat (that's him in gray shorts), but I can't handle it.

The shorts are Moving Comfort Momentum shorts. I snapped them up off Sierra Trading Post closeouts, because they are a discontinued item. They are still available some places, though. They are perfect, very short and light with a small key pocket and a larger zip pocket in the back. Built in brief. Elastic waist band. All the important things ;)
Gracie said…
Look at that happy boy!