Workouts - June 15, 2015

This will be a quick update, because I have another exciting running-related post to share later in the week.  I'm not going to lie, work today has been insane.  And!  This morning, I treated myself by driving over the mountain for a run on the shady Lakeshore Trail.  I ground out 5.5 miles in the heat, dried off, and headed back.  As I was passing under a highway overpass, a fist-sized rock flew out of a truck overhead and shattered my windshield.  Of course, I thought I had been shot but I managed not to swerve or brake erratically.  So there's that.

What I'm saying is, this week is off to an interesting start and I'm lucky I'm posting this at all.

Here's a great running photo, of a Birmingham Track Club social I hosted downtown on Saturday.  We had a four-mile social run followed by refreshments and brunch at Paramount.

Let the Alabama heat flow through you.

Monday: 40 minutes of lower body weights at my parents' house
Tuesday: 5.1 miles on Lakeshore Trail, 8:51 pace
Wednesday: 5-mile progression workout on the treadmill, ended up 9:07 average pace, the last mile was 7:05
Thursday: 2.8 miles in the park, 9:03 pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10.5 miles with the Track Club, up and over Red Mountain twice, 9:35 pace
Sunday: 25 minutes of a full body weight circuit, hour long group cycling class

The big news is that speed is finally coming back, and I think (hope?) I am getting acclimated a little better to the heat and humidity. 


Jen said…
Eek how freaky!! Glad you're okay. When I lived in NYC it always took me a good month to acclimate to the humidity in the summer.
Gracie said…
You're doing better than I am; I am not acclimating well at all!