Workouts - July 20 and Scenes from our Arizona Trip

Monday: 5.3 miles on Lakeshore, with intervals (1.5 miles warmup, 4x800 at 80%, 1.5 miles cool down), ended up being 8:30 pace overall and the fastest interval was 6:45 pace
Tuesday: Rest, spent the whole day traveling
Wednesday: Walked a few miles around downtown, then hiked about 6 in a National Park
Thursday: 5.7 miles of running on dirt singletrack trails, 9:37 pace
Friday: About 8 miles of hiking in another National Park
Saturday: 6.1 miles of running on dirt singletrack trails, 9:36 pace, probably 5ish miles of hiking after
Sunday: Not a thing besides snacking and pushing a stroller around town

You can probably tell it's been an odd week, but it's been amazing. 

We took advantage of a summer deal from Southwest, and headed out to Flagstaff, Arizona, the town where I went to university and lived for many years.  Here are some of the (hundreds of) photos we have taken so far:


Dolly said…
Beautiful photos. I think the desert southwest is pretty underrated when it comes to stunning landscaapes. Everyone is at the crowded beach towns in the summer. I also live near mountains, and their beauty never ceases to amaze me.

The elevation was probably a killer work out too.
Pandora Viltis said…
Wow, it's so gorgeous. Flagstaff is on my list of places to visit... even more so now.