Workouts - July 27, 2015

Well, I am back from the mountains.  I wish I could have packed up the cool mountain air in a little box to carry with me on this week's runs!

Monday: 7 miles on dirt singletrack on our last day in Flagstaff, 9:21 pace.  I did a farewell lap through Buffalo Park and remembered all the many happy years of running I did there.  *sniff*

Goodbye Buffalo Park loop, even though you can be an unforgiving slog at altitude. 

Goodbye Switzer Canyon deer, even though you like to steal gel packets from the back of my pants.

Goodbye $5 Los Altos vegeterian burrito the size of my head, even though...well, there's no downside here.

Tuesday: Guess what?  Rest.  Well, if you count seven hours of travel time with a toddler to be a "restful" experience.  Because I don't.

Wednesday: More rest, just to drive the point home.

Thursday: 5.5 miles on Lakeshore Trail, 9:40 pace, cursing the humidity the entire time.

Returning to the Deep South be all like...sorry, I took this when I was pretty much hallucinating.  I know it's ugly, and the best part is the crusted gel on my lip.  You're welcome. 

Friday: 5 miles around Downtown, 9:07 pace.  Yay, I did not miss the invigorating catcalls of home. 

Saturday: No running!  I took my family to Oak Mountain, because my husband ran the Hotter 'n Hell Trail Race, which is part of a year-long series that ends with a 50k.  He came in seventh overall in the nine-mile race!

Hanging at the trailhead with the other ultra groupies and widows.

Taken moments before the start, and probably 15 minutes before W decided to shout "WUN WUN WACE" and run right into the creek head first.  Good times.

Sunday: I found some other degenerates who had skipped the Birmingham Track Club Saturday long run, and we met at 5:30 am to do what most people call the "ten mile loop."  But for whatever reason, it's more like 9.2 miles.  The guys I ran with are very strict about pace, and we ran 9:30 for the whole thing.  My buddy Michael was nice enough to put out a cooler full of iced Gatorade at the halfway mark before we got started, and he is my hero.  Incidentally, this was the fourth day in a row where my weather app said "100% humidity."  I just can't anymore. 

Totals:  Exactly 27 miles of running, split into four runs.  No cross training or weight training.  I'll be back in the routine come next week.

See you then!


Gracie said…
Yeah, we've been at or near 100% humidity for weeks now. It can stop any time.
I fully admit that I've wimped out about the weather this summer. I don't have any race plans and I've just been lazing around and doing weights inside.
Rheagan said…
Running without race plans is awesome. I am actually working on a post about that, and how freeing it has been for me.
Yo Momma Runs said…
Hey! Just found your blog! Let's run some trails together soon.
Rheagan said…
I just found your blog, too! Let's do it!

P.S. Darnell said we should be friends and she is way smart.