Workouts - July 6, 2015

Here is the weekly workouts update.  I'm squeezing this in between some pretty intense work negotiations that have stretched over from last week (yes, through the weekend) and packing for a little camping trip.

This week has been a little off.  I caught a head cold from my son, and it's really made me feel lousy.  I felt almost completely better on Saturday morning, before heading out for a brutally steep 8-mile race in a downpour.  I came home to find no hot water in the building, and I just haven't felt the same since.  Without further ado:

Monday: 5 miles on Lakeshore Trail, 8:41 pace
Tuesday: Rest (not planned, just felt very run down)
Wednesday: 2.7 miles in the park, 8:29 pace
Thursday: 4 miles on the treadmill, 8:45 pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Peavine Falls Run, an 8.2- mile trail combo classic at Oak Mountain, I ran 1:15:16
Sunday: Unexpected treadmill run, 5.2 miles at 10:00 pace, 20-minute upper body weight circuit

I woke up Monday morning and the temperature had magically dropped 15 degrees overnight.  I was so excited that I hit the running trail immediately and went a lot faster than I intended.  It felt good.  By Tuesday, I was feeling the effects of the cold, so I just took it easy.  On Wednesday, I decided to take a quick spin in the park.  I was trying for cadence runs this week, and cutting out my normal strength training, in an effort to improve my performance at Saturday's race.  Thursday got very busy, and I did a home treadmill workout in the afternoon.  Friday was a rest day, like usual.

The race on Saturday was AMAZING and I had a lot of fun.  As it turns out, I haven't lost too much fitness since my spring injury, and I am feeling very encouraged about the fall.  I am planning to write a separate race recap, but I'm waiting until I have the nice "official" photos from the track club.  They are going to be pretty badass, because of the rain and flooding.  Here's a little preview of the finish:

Yes, exactly.
 Catch you guys later. 


Gracie said…
Um, yeah, looks a little damp!
Pandora Viltis said…
I want to see pictures of your shoes after a trail run in that monsoon.
Margaret said…
Damn. That totally looks "fun".