Workouts - August 17, 2015

Short and dirty post!  I'm in the middle of some very difficult travel.  I pride myself on always making time to work out despite the demands of day-to-day life, but the past few days have really thrown me off. 

W started nursery school this past week, which coincided with some business travel for Nate.  I was staying on top of things with a rental car (we only have one vehicle), until I got word that I had to travel as well.  I ended up taking a red eye flight on Friday, and brought W along due to some unforeseen problems with childcare.  The only available flight was oversold, so W had to ride in my lap.  Then, due to airport delays, we very nearly missed our connecting flight, skipped dinner, and basically both lost our tempers.  On Saturday, I attended a professional event with an open bar and very light food and because I am an old lady I ended up with a massive hangover.  Awesome.

All of this is my way of saying that I took two days off of running this week, which included skipping my weekly long run.  I'm not too bothered, though, mostly because 1) last week was intense, with several runs on "heavy legs" and the increasing feeling that I just need some real rest, 2) I've been trying to gain a bit of weight, and it's very hard for me to do that without reducing mileage, at least temporarily, and 3) I'll be back to my old routine by the end of this week.

Monday: 4 miles on the treadmill (9:25 pace), leg day!
Tuesday: 6 miles around downtown, 9:23 pace
Wednesday: 4.5 miles outdoors on a blistering hot afternoon, 9:05 pace (stopped twice for water)
Thursday: 4.5 miles on the treadmill, 8:27 average pace (1 mile warmup, 3.5 miles at HM pace)
Friday: 6.5 miles on the treadmill, 9:14 average pace (one hour aerobic HR with no pauses or breaks)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

Totals:  26.5 miles of running, one weight training session.

Already today I have attempted to run in this podunk town, but I could not get a GPS signal anywhere.  That never stops me, but I have no idea how far or for how long I ran.  I am guessing I ran 4-5 miles in about 45 minutes but who knows!  The whole experience only served to make me feel even more off the rails with my training.  Oh well, I'll be home soon.