Workouts - August 31, 2015 and Some Photos from Our Week

Hopefully, this will be the last week where I only post the workouts update.  The exhausting work travel is winding to a close, and the next several weeks should be boring.  Good boring.  Here are the workouts:

Monday: Rest, work travel

Tuesday: 7 flat miles at an 8:49 pace, done as one-mile laps around a lakeside park I found.

Wednesday: 2.5 very hilly miles, 9:15 pace.  After I woke up, realized work was going to be crazy all day long, and decided a quick run would be better than no run.  It was a good decision. 

Thursday: 11.3 miles, 9:16 pace with four stops for water and 15g of carbs at the halfway point.  My son was at his nursery school, work was calm, and I found myself with a few hours to kill.  I intended to run something moderate like 6-8 miles and set off on my favorite loop.  About three miles in, I felt really good so I headed up a big hill and over Red Mountain into a different part of the city.  I have a good mental inventory of where water and bathrooms are available, so I wasn't worried.  OF COURSE I immediately got very lost, had to ask directions, and ended up with this mess.  It wasn't too bad, though.  I just wish the temperature had been a little cooler.

Friday: Decided to hit up the same vinyasa yoga class I went to last week.  I sort of feel like it's a good upper body workout as well.  Also saw the chiropractor and not to be all woowoo but I really think it's helping.

Saturday: 13.2 miles with the Track Club, 9:12 pace with four stops for water.  Fuel was 100 calories of salted chocolate almonds immediately before and 6 oz of sports drink during.  It was very humid, which is getting...very old.  The full marathoners were doing a 17-mile run, so I just cut a bit off the route.  Of course, you can't stop at just 13 when you can add a bit and make it a "half marathon," right??!  The average pace on this one would have been a bit faster, but the first mile was like 10:45.  Our whole household had a sleepless night, which happens.  I skipped coffee and food and just jetted out the door.  I am so grateful for all of the little snacks I keep stashed in the car, and I dove head-first into a massive iced redeye immediately after finishing the run.  Coffee.  Don't underestimate its power.

Sunday: Traditional "Big 3" powerlifting weights workout.  I am now squatting over my body weight!  Followed by an hour-long spin class.

Totals:  34.1 miles of running, 1 yoga class, 1 weights session, 1 cross training cardio session

Ok, here are some pictures from our week.

At the county fair...more pictures soon!
Please excuse my RBFS.  I realized my hair had gotten way way WAY too long, especially for someone who runs outdoors in the humid South.  So here is a before picture.

Even worse RBFS in this one, but here is the after photo.  I went in wanting a shoulder-length messy bob, but the stylist convinced me otherwise.  Apparently women with "interesting" hair color have a moral obligation to have as much of said hair as humanly tolerable.  I went with her suggestion and got a bunch of layers to lighten it up. 

Insane workdays mean my sweet husband is preparing me a lot of little breakfasts that look like something you'd get in a fancy spa.  I'm not complaining. 

A quick trip to see my parents.

Okay, everyone have a nice week!