Workouts - August 24, 2015

I'm not gonna lie...this month has been incredibly hard.  Right now, I am physically and mentally exhausted, sitting here with my cup of coffee and making an executive decision not to run today.

Monday: 4.5 miles in a park in rural upstate New York (yes, this has been a month with too much travel, for those of you playing along at home).  I have no idea of the pace, because I couldn't get satellites for my watch and didn't check the time.

Tuesday: 6 miles in the same park, satellites worked this time and it was 9:40 pace and yes that is slow but I ran by effort and just didn't feel great.

Wednesday: Rest.  Drove home and it was gross and awful and exhausting.

Thursday: 5 miles on the treadmill, as part of my recent shift to adding speed work and doing it on the treadmill to avoid roasting myself in this summer heat.  I did one mile easy, then four miles at 7:52 pace.  I did not stop or pause the treadmill at all during the run.

Friday: 3 quick miles on the treadmill, 8:19 pace, followed by an hour-long vinyasa yoga class.

Saturday: 12.6 miles during the weekly long run with the track club, 9:06 pace with five stops for water.  For several weeks, I have had my sights set on the 9:00 min/mile pace group for these runs.  I usually do them at about a 9:20 pace, keeping an eye on my HR and making sure I'm not running too hard.  Although there are always a few other runners at that pace, it can be quite lonely to run ahead of the popular 10:00 min/mile pace group, but not be able to keep up with the faster group.  So for this run I decided to suck it up and see what would happen if I pushed myself a bit.

Unfortunately, the 9:00 min/mile pacers didn't run consistently and their splits were all over the place.  Miles two, four, and seven were in the 8:30s, which is WAY TOO FAST for my long runs.  I rolled my ankle slightly at mile six, and then let the pace group drop me after that.  The rest of the run was quite the event, and I managed to get myself lost and run alone for miles on a sketchy road and skip water stops.  When I found the route again, I chugged ice water, then made it about a quarter mile before I threw up cold water on the sidewalk.  No one saw, haha.  All of this was in 80-degree heat and 100% humidity which is getting SO OLD.  Oddly enough, I felt strong for the whole run, which made up for some of it.

Sunday:  Myrtl routine and an hour-long spin class.

Totals:  31.1 miles of running, a yoga class, a spin class, and some injury prevention stuff.