I'm Racing in Six Days!

Six days until my half marathon!  I am happy to say that I am 99% sure I will make it to the starting line healthy and uninjured!  Ever since spring's disaster and the resulting physical therapy and rehab, this has been a huge concern of mine.  Coming back from an injury takes so much patience and dedication.  It has been a real test and opportunity for personal growth. 

I am very excited to race on Sunday.  First of all, I want to represent the Track Club and help us place overall in the regional competition.  I'll be in club kit for the race, and I'm so excited!  I also want to see all of my club friends at the post race party and just generally have a great time on Sunday night.  Of course, I want to run a strong, smart race.  I don't have any specific time goals, as the half marathon isn't something I've worked very hard for in the past.  Anything below 1:54 would be a PR for me. 

If anyone pressured me, I'd say I am approaching the race like this: A) sub-1:48, which I know reflects my current fitness and ability, B) sub-1:54, which would be a PR for a "raced" 13.1, C) run a negative split over the course, avoid walk breaks, and finish with my current pace group.  I do know that I am DEFINITLEY going to run the first mile in exactly nine minutes and take some time to relax, clear my head, and get focused.  I expect you guys to hold me to that! 

In the days leading up to the race, here's what I'm doing:

- Extra carbs and less fat.  Plenty of water.  Basically, all of the diet-related stuff I should be doing year-round. 

- No strength training or more advanced yoga classes.

- Extra doses of probiotics and vitamin C (I've still got a lingering sinus infection, something my body likes to do a few times a year).  I'm also taking some tumeric, which is a new thing for me and seems to be helping. 

- Twice-weekly visits to the chiropractor.

- Some extra rest days, and no more of my famous ten-mile hilly runs at race pace :)

- Enjoying the extra free time and actually styling my hair. 


Dolly said…
Excited for you!! I think you will smash your PR! Good luck!