Workouts - September 28, 2015

In all the excitement of recapping Sunday's 5k, I almost forgot to do my workouts update!

This past week has...been challenging.  Sometimes, just making the time to run is difficult, and making the time to TRAIN with a purpose seems damn near impossible.  Everyone in the family has been sick for about six days, and I seem to have gotten the worst of the sinus stuff.  Can't shake it!  On Friday night, the (hopelessly cracked) screen of my cell phone actually fell partially out, rendering the phone unusable.  Then, we took a two-day trip to Tennessee for my husband's work.  We were in a place that required walking (and pushing a stroller) and it rained.  The.  Entire.  Time.

But!  Now we're home, W is at school, I have a replacement phone, and I can almost breathe!  I am about to head out for a little MLR in some deliciously wet and foggy fall weather.  Here are the workouts:

Monday: 8 @ 8:55, around my new favorite downtown loop.  I didn't check my watch and just tried to run relaxed.

Tuesday: 1 mile warmup, then 6 @ 7:58 on the treadmill, followed by some stretching

Wednesday: 4.6 @ 8:59 (haha!) on a hilly out-and-back that goes up a local "mountain"

Thursday: Rest, starting to feel sick

Friday: 3 @ 9:10 on the treadmill, an hour-long vinyasa yoga class

Saturday: 11 @ 8:35 with the Track Club.  I ran with a new person named Myra.  She wanted to run 8:30 and didn't know the route, so I offered that I would navigate while she paced.  Of course, I warned her that 8:30 is a bit of a reach for me over this type of distance.  I think we did okay, though, and we were able to tack an extra three miles onto the Track Club eight-mile route.  Splits were 9:07, 8:29, 8:24, 8:23, 8:30, 8:26, 8:28, 8:23, 8:37, 8:44, 8:49 and we stopped three times for water.  It felt okay, just comfortable-hard the entire time.  It's interesting to me that I will have to run about an 8:15 pace to qualify for the Boston Marathon (with a bit of a margin).  Right now, it seems like it could be doable but challenging with the right training.  Anyway!

Sunday:  I ran a local 5k in 22:47 (7:20 pace), good enough for third female.  My friend Elena won with a 17:2x, and another woman finished right before me.  It was a fun evening.  I really need to practice the 5k more.  Not for any particular purpose, but just as a way to educate myself and know my body better.  There is a point about two-thirds of the way into the 5k that I begin to feel a perfect mix of physical pain and mental exhaustion.  The last mile is absolutely hell, and I want to learn how to change that.  Blah, blah, blah.  Oh, I also ran a warmup and cooldown at the race, for a total of about 4.5 miles.

Totals: 38.5 miles of running, one yoga class, random injury prevention and stretching.  As always, you can follow me on my Strava page where I post all the gory details and upload my watch and HR monitor data.  Have a great week!