Workouts - October 5, 2015

Here are the week's workouts!

A photo from this week's Track Club social.  I'm kneeling next to the stroller in neon yellow arm warmers. 

This has been a much better week.  We're actually on the road (again), but this trip is much less stressful.  It's more travel for my husband's work, and I'm telecommuting from hotel rooms and coffee shops, but it hasn't been too bad.  I STILL have a sinus infection.  I might end up having to go to the doctor for it...ewwwwww.

Monday: 4 @ 8:57 on the treadmill, followed by a 70-minute easy yoga class.  I woke up with such TIGHT legs from the Sunday night 5k and just felt like a needed a good, flat warmup and a nice stretch.

Tuesday: Rest.  Again, this was much needed.

Wednesday: 7 @ 9:17 around my neighborhood, didn't look at my watch and just tried to run some rolling hills and get some good aerobic miles in the bank.

Thursday: 8 @ 8:52 over a very hilly and challenging route.  I felt like pushing myself again and felt strong.

Friday: 5 @ 7:50 on the treadmill, plus my normal hour-long vinyasa yoga class.

Saturday: This was the day of a big Track Club social and course preview for the Vulcan 10k, which is coming up in early November.  I jogged the 1.2 miles from home to the start at a nice 10:00 pace, just to get my blood pumping (6 am on a cold, rainy day is not the best time for me to start a long run!).  Then, I did two laps of the 10k course for a total of 11.5 @ 8:38.  It was a bit short because I stopped at my home on the second lap.  Again, I ran with my speedy friend Myrna and we agreed to run the whole thing "comfortable-hard" to put hay in the barn for Chattanooga.  She is a huge motivation and a great running partner.  We also ran with three guys from the Track Club and made two stops for water.

That's Myrna next to me in pink.  The tall guy with the stroller is my husband's running buddy and they are FAST. 

I love my track club :)

Sunday: Rest.  Again, much needed.  That's my motto..."work hard, play hard."

Totals: 37 miles of running, including two easy runs, a hill run, tempo on the treadmill, and a longer run at tempo.  Two yoga classes.  Probably three injury prevention sessions.  Two actual rest days (!).

Have a great week, you guys.