A Week of Workouts - January 25, 2016

Hello!  This has been an extraordinarily tough week, so I'll just cut to the chase and get back to my life. 

My husband had to travel to New York unexpectedly to deal with a family emergency, so I was running the show on my own.  It's a tall order to cook, clean, care for a toddler, and stay caught up on work without any help.  Finding time to work out, relax, or do anything "extra" can seem nearly impossible.  At any rate, things are back to normal for a little while.  And I'm feeling even more grateful than before that I have nothing major I am training for right now.

Monday - 6.6 @ 8:49 on some hilly country roads.  I tried to deliberately run slowly, and I succeeded insofar as my heart rate did not get very high (or even out of the aerobic zone) during this run.  I had someone to sit briefly while W napped and it was a huge help.  I even cooked a bit of dinner.

Tuesday - Nothing.  The day got away from me and by the time I could arrange for a sitter, it was quite late.

Wednesday - 4.4 @ 7:50 on the treadmill.  I finished up some work around 10am, and made a last minute decision to head to the gym and make use of their childcare.  I managed to run on the treadmill for 35 minutes, stretch, and shower in 40 minutes.  We had plenty of time to pick up our weekly groceries and get home before W needed his lunch. 

Thursday - 8 @ 8:44 on the treadmill.  Again, very grateful for gym childcare!  I did this as a 70-minute aerobic run, after feeling like I had been taking recent runs too fast. 

Friday - 5 @ 8:27 on the treadmill, followed by an hour yoga class.  This two-hour period at the gym was my only "break" during the day.  The yoga felt good. 

Saturday - 6.5 @ 9:11 on the treadmill (UGH AGAIN).  My husband took an earlier flight to avoid traveling during the forecast snow storm, and he got back during the night.  He had been doing a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House, through a local 10-mile race.  He decided to get up and run it, despite having no sleep.  And despite the 11-degree weather.  Better he than me!  I didn't get to go to my weekly track club run (second time in a row), but I'm not sure I would have gone to it anyway, in such cold and stormy weather.  It's hard to do that when you are stressed, sleep deprived, and not training for anything in particular.  Just sayin' it like it is.  Once my husband was done racing, I hauled myself onto the treadmill for a slower run.  It's hard for me to run "slow" lately, ie. above a 9:00 pace.

Sunday - 4.5 @ 8:03 on the treadmill.  The entire Ashtanga Series B (80 minutes) in a very crowded yoga studio.  I alllllmost can go from downward dog to crane by jumping through a hand stand.  Not that anyone cares about that stuff.  I'm feeling pretty solid with the arm balances now. 

Totals - 35.1 miles of running.  Two yoga classes.  One day of complete rest.  I survived.  

Now it's Monday and I'm still feeling exhausted.  A little sore from yesterday's yoga class.  I'm planning to take a bit of an easier week now.

Everyone enjoy your week!