Workouts - January 4, 2016

Hello, New Year!

After last week's pity party, I have been doing everything in my power to get my running mojo back.  I'm happy to report I am almost, completely 100% healthy, even though some mutant form of recurring toddler bronchitis threatened to destroy everyone in my household.  Just a bit of a cough and a healing rash (something I get when I run a fever) remaining.  Yay!

For the past week, I have cut all sugar, processed grains, and processed foods out of my diet.  I'm eating a LOT of pinto beans, fruit, nuts, olive oil, and sweet potatoes.  I feel amazing and have so much energy.  I think we tend to ignore how much of an effect diet has on our overall sense of well being.

The new breakfast.  Black coffee is life right now. 

I ran just over 30 miles this week.  That's low for me, but I didn't hate any of them.  I also crushed a trail half marathon (2:14:52) in nasty, wet winter conditions.  That felt good.  I spent a lot of time doing yoga.  Things are looking up.

Running through the finish line.  Thanks to my friend Suman for this awesome picture.
On to the workouts!

Monday - 4 @ 8:52 around my parents' hilly ass neighborhood.  I embraced the hills and went for six laps on the "worst" stretch of rollers.  It was 78 degrees F.  Feels good, man.

I also did 50 pushups, in three sets.  Then, in the name of family camaraderie, I did a bunch of stupid human tricks with my brother and brother in law...handstands, arm balances, flips, planks, that kind of thing.  What?  Your family doesn't do that?

Tuesday - 6 @ 8:32 around a mostly flat lake trail, along with my husband.  I really, really, really didn't want to run.  I didn't want to get dressed, didn't want to eat, didn't want to drive to the park, didn't want to start my get the idea.  But one we started, I felt amazing and strong!  I actually didn't want to quit running, but we had to get back to my parents' for dinner.  The weather was much cooler (like 60 F) and I think that helped.

Wednesday - No running!  Just 60 pushups, in three sets.  And driving.  And applying for my new Chinese visa.  Haha.

Thursday - 5.8 @ 8:34 on the treadmill, as a hill workout.  Then an hour-long advanced vinyasa yoga class.  Ow.  (Treadmill hill workouts are weird, because you never go "downhill," you just climb up and up and up and get nowhere haha.)

Friday - 2 @ 8:52 with my dog.  Someone must have lit a fire under my dog's ass, because she NEVER runs this fast.  The whole time we were at my parents', she was basically running free/crazy on about 90 acres with three other dogs.  I think it really whipped her into shape!

Feats of strength!  Also, our hair sort of matches!
Saturday - 13.1 @ 10:27 on the trails at Red Mountain Park.  My time was 2:14:52, third overall woman.  I'll have a recap before too long, because there are too many hilarious pictures not to.  This was a "casual" trail run (of which there are many in my neck of the woods) that I signed up for the night before.  I ran it for fun and had a blast, aside from getting slightly frozen.  The trails were still wet and flooded from the weather we had last week, but the temperature was around 33 F.  Brrrrrr!  I also ditched and forgot to retrieve my cheapo "throwaway" fleece jacket I've been wearing to races for more than a year.  R.I.P. fleece jacket, you will not be missed.

Look!  Trail runner fashion!

Sunday - Hour and a half Ashtanga yoga class, all of Primary Series and part of Series B.  Good stuff.  Puts hair on your chest.

Totals - 30.9 miles of running, including a hill workout, a tempo, a treadmill workout, a shakeout, and a trail race.  Two yoga classes.  Pushups.  Stupid calisthenics.   

Everyone have a great week!