Workouts - January 11, 2016

Happy Monday!

It's time to recap last week's workouts.  First of all, let me say I am still having a great time with my newly "cleaned up" diet.  I did a full eleven days without any sugar or grains, with the exception of a single gel during last Saturday's trail half marathon.  After this Saturday's long run, I gave myself some freedom and ate some whole grain waffles, a pizza slice, and some strawberry ice cream.  I felt decent the next morning, but I am going to take some more time away from those foods anyway.  I find that I sleep much better, have more steady energy during workouts, and don't get as dehydrated or hungry in the afternoons. 

So, this has become my new typical breakfast:

This lets me eat hot sauce at breakfast, which is awesome.

I used to start the day with a French press coffee with whole milk and cane sugar.  Now, I just drink it black.  It's much easier in the morning, and I love the taste of coffee so the change isn't an issue. 

This is my new lunch, whereas I would normally have toast or crackers with cottage cheese, leftovers from dinner, or a plate full of snack foods and fruit.  

Vegetables at lunch!  I know, crazy, right?!
On to the workouts!

Monday: 3.6 @ 9:12 with my dog.  There is a new 750-mile trail system planned for the state of Alabama, and the new Jones Valley section was just recently completed.  I am so excited for safe trails for biking and running!  I took my dog out for a little test run on a segment of trail, and she loved it. 

Tuesday: 10 @ 9:07 on the treadmill (because of the incline, my watch ended up with 10.2 @ 8:46).  I did it!  Ninety minutes on the treadmill with no pauses or breaks!  I have been working up to this for months now.  My average heart rate was 163, which is right in the aerobic zone.  I am working at becoming more comfortable and relaxed during long steady-state runs.  Now, all I need to do is start sneaking the speed up bit by bit. 

I had to take this picture.
Wednesday: 3.1 @ 7:33 on the treadmill, then an 80-minute yoga class.  This was an angry run, because it got very late in the day before I had time to get a workout in.  I just barely had time to hop on the treadmill for 25 minutes and work out some aggression before a much-needed yoga session. 

Update from my ongoing quest to find the ugliest yoga pants available. 

Thursday: 6.6 @ 9:16 on an easy tour of the neighborhood.  I didn't plan a route or look at my watch, just ran to relax and put some miles in the bank.  The easy pace and crisp, cold weather meant I barely broke a sweat, which was nice!

Friday: 5.5 @ 9:03 on trails.  I dropped my son off at school, then stole a few hours for a challenging trail run and a fancy cup of coffee. 

I am trying to learn how to set up self timer photos on my phone, so I can enter the 21st century with the rest of you cool kids.  Results have been mixed. 

Saturday: 12 @ 8:38 on the track club Saturday long run.  I have no idea why, but everyone went WAY TOO FAST on this run.  We had an early mile that was something like 7:50.  When something like this happens on a group run, I am at the mercy of pace leaders, and faced with the option of keeping up or being dropped.  I put down a huge effort in the hilly front half of this run, and the last two miles were painful.  We made three stops for water and fuel, and each one lasted less than a full minute.  I used dates as fuel, and I was pleased with how I felt during the run. 

Sunday: Real rest.  Lots of delicious food and stretching.

Totals: 41.3 miles of running, including a few easy runs, a treadmill speed session, a treadmill endurance session, a trail run, and a long tempo.  One yoga class.  One day of complete rest. 

Have a great week, everyone!


Dolly said…
750 miles of brand new trails. Sounds pretty sweet.