A Week of Workouts - April 11, 2016

Hello!  It's time for another update.  Life is very busy, and my plate is full with work stuff, mom stuff, and settling into our new neighborhood.  My husband just started a new job as well, and we are going to be a lot busier over the weekends now.

(Also, in a ridiculous turn of events we were in a small car accident on Wednesday.  No one was hurt, but our poor Subaru is going to need extensive body work.  Our insurance provided us with a replacement in the meantime and it's a MASSIVE Chevy Tahoe with Colorado plates.  RAWK.)

Without further ado...

Spring skies in the South.

Monday - 6.9 @ 8:36 (an hour on the treadmill).  I am trying to up my mileage again, without adding too much elevation initially.  Treadmill to the rescue!

Tuesday - 3.6 @ 8:09 (30 minutes on the treadmill, warming up for weights).  Then, 40 minutes of weights:

Resistance Band Pull Ups 3x5
Leg Press 90# 10x20 with :20 rest between each set
Back Squat 70# 5x5

On Tuesday evening, we noticed something odd in the corner of our balcony.

It's a family of mourning doves!  We've been having the best time watching them.

Wednesday - 70 minutes of lower body weights with my gym partner Katherine.  Exercises included:

Box Step Ups
Glute Press
Lying Hamstring Curl
Seated Hamstring Curl
BOSU Lunges
Cable Step Ups
Cable Squats
Plank Circuit
Weighted Russian Twists
Resistance Band Pull Ups
...and a whole lot of foam rolling

Also, forgive this shameless self-indulgence but I can do two REAL, FULL pull ups now and I feel like such a freakin' tank.  P.S. my new place has no good selfie spot, so I'm sad about that. 

Thursday - 5.5 @ 8:58 around my new neighborhood.  Hills, they are KILLING me.  This little run around the neighborhood had something like 650 feet of elevation, and Strava gave me a GAP (grade-adjusted pace) of 7:59.  No fair!  I also stumbled on a weird Strava segment that is a lap around a fountain in a corporate office park.  It is only a quarter mile, but the woman with the course record ran it at like a 6:05 pace.  I know I am going to kill myself trying to take it from her, haha. 

I've been experimenting with branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) in this homebrewed sludge I make with lemon juice, fructose syrup, and water.  They are supposed to prevent muscle breakdown and lactic acid buildup from workouts that cause muscle microtrauma, like running hills or lifting weights.  It might be placebo, but I definitely feel like I'm recovering faster lately.

Friday - 4 @ 9:03 on trails at Spain Park.  Just a mellow little trail run before work.

Very pleased with myself for getting a run in, and just generally very excited to be outdoors and feel healthy and refreshed. 

Saturday - 12.8 @ 8:25 for the Birmingham Track Club Saturday long run.  I somehow got mixed up in a faster crowd, so I ran this at a quicker pace than I intended.  I think the split for mile 3 was something like 7:32, which I should really be more careful to avoid.  I didn't feel winded or overexerted at any point, though, so I think it was a great run.  I just got really chatty with some of the faster folks and then they wouldn't let me drop back.  Everyone was like, "You are holding a conversation!  You don't need to slow down!"  I guess speed and fatigue really are a mental game, and I tend to sandbag and run out of steam when I'm not motivated.   

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon drinking fluids and reading while my dog made friends in the park. 

Then, I set myself up with a glass of white wine and made a roast beef dinner.  My son wanted Brussels sprouts and my husband wanted peas, so I just did both to get them to quit arguing.  In our house, Brussels sprouts are like bacon...no matter how much I prepare, we always eat it all. 

Sunday - 90 minutes of Ashtanga, basically the standing series, some of the floor series, and some of the more heinous asanas from Series B.  It was fun.  I can definitely tell I am getting stronger.

Totals - 33 miles of running, two solid strength training sessions, and a yoga class. 

Have a great week, everyone!


Dolly said…
Nice to hear about your strength gains. I sometimes hate lifting. My gym is small, dirty, and usually crowded. But, once I get started it's not so bad. Funny you mention the Strava CR. At least you are being cool about it and attacking it during part of your run.
I'm a little miffed about a trail course record that is near my work. I will run a mile or two to get to the start of the segment. But, then I noticed that the chick that has the CR, it looks like she drove straight to the trailhead and ran a short two-mile run just to steal the CR. She doesn't even run on this side of town!!! It's my goal to make that CR mine. Nope I'm not Strava obsessed.