A Week of Workouts - April 4, 2016

Yes, I know this is yesterday's date.  I spent my free time yesterday reading a novel on my balcony, instead of updating this blog.  The weather was just too nice and I have no regrets. 


I feel like we are finally settling into the new place, and life is normalizing somewhat.  The workouts are more "normal" again, at least.  I even got out and explored the area immediately around home, and I am excited to run hills hills hills!

Monday - 5 @ 8:36 on the treadmill.  After, I did a short weights workout of just squats (70# 5x5) and bench (55# 5x5).  This was the day I retested my body composition, so that also took some time at the gym.

Tuesday - 75-minute vinyasa yoga class.  My first yoga in two weeks, for a series of silly reasons.  I'm glad I went back.

We replenished our groceries at Aldi. 

I got the bike rack set up, and even took a little spin downtown in the afternoon. 

Wednesday - 5 @ 9:07 around my new neighborhood.  First of all, HOLY HILLS.  Second, no sidewalks.  I ran on a mixture of shoulders (some nicer than others), little trails through wooded areas, office parks, and shopping centers.  I also tested out a little route to the gym, and I'm confident I can walk/run/bike to the gym easily.  Sweet.

80-degree weather is back, and I sort of can't believe it. 

Thursday - 90-minute weights workout.  I hit every major muscle group in this one workout, because I knew it was my only shot before running long on Saturday.  Spring break caused me to miss my Wednesday upper body day. 

Back Extension 10# plate 3x8
Barbell Row 45# 3x8
Lat Pulldown 70# 3x8
Bench Press 55# 3x8
Pull Ups with Resistance Band 3x3
Shoulder Super Tens 12.5# for 3 rounds
Barbell Bicep Curls 30# barbell 3x10
Skull Crushers 10# plate 4x25
Hip Abductor 100# 3x8
Hip Adductor 100# 3x8
Leg Press 70# 10x20
Kneeling Squat 70# 6x20

That last part was a "leg burnout" that my lifting partner uses.  There is only twenty seconds of rest between sets, and it is brutal.

Struggle selfie taken in the squat rack.  I was sort of just documenting all the bad choices that have led me to this point.  RIP legs. 

Friday - 6.7 @ 9:26 on the treadmill.  I just ran easy on the treadmill for an hour.  My legs were very heavy, and it was kind of a struggle.  I also did three sets of assisted pull ups.  I am on a mission to do at least three unassisted military style pull ups.  I'm close. 

Friday was also the first pizza night in our new apartment.  I think this oven and I are going to get along juuuuuust fiiiiiiine. 

Saturday - 10.4 @ 8:46 for the weekly long run.  The Birmingham Track Club was hosting a 15k race that I didn't feel trained for, so I finagled an invitation to run with another group called B.R.A.T.S.  They started at 5:30 am, and believe it or not this 8:45 group was the slowest pace group.  I sucked it up, and it was nice to run faster again. 

We also went to my cousin's wedding in the afternoon, and it was such a whirlwind trip that this is the only decent photo I have. 

Sunday - 90-minute Ashtanga yoga class. 

Totals - two yoga classes, two resistance sessions, a full-body heavy weights day, and about 30 miles of running over four days. 

Everyone have a nice week!