My "Normal" Schedule, or "Why I Can 't Blog Daily"

The soup kitchen operated by my husband's nonprofit will be hosting a huge Christmas party this week.  And every day this week, there will be homemade Christmas cookies with the meals.  I have been up to my eyeballs in cookie dough.  And, because I am a chronic overachiever, I decided to step it up and make classic icing-decorated sugar cookies...something I have never done before.  Yeah.  It took a lot longer than I intended! 


I'm also having a bit of an identity crisis with work lately.  All of my running friends get up early, do their workouts (usually as part of a group), then go to work and live out the rest of their day like normal citizens.  On the very best day, my schedule looks like this:

7 am - wake up, look at the weather, walk the dog, eat something for breakfast, get my son dressed
8 am - read all the bizarre and stressful emails that came in overnight (our main office is in China, and we have operations in Africa and Australia, so they are up working while I am sleeping), address any emergencies, do basic housework
9:30 am - run or work out, usually all alone or at a gym full of SAHMs
12 noon - lunch, or pick up my son from school
1 pm to 5 pm - run errands, plan dinner, walk the dog again, PT or chiropractor appointments, maybe take a nap
5 pm - conference calls and emails, it's 7:00am in China and my work day starts to ramp up
6 pm - cook, serve, and eat dinner with my family, do injury prevention exercises while dinner is cooking
7:30 pm - the bulk of my workday starts, just as my son gets in the bath
8 pm to 11 pm - more conference calls, Skype meetings, contract review, payroll, account audits, watch television with my husband
12 midnight - usually in bed, although I get up for scheduled conference calls or if my work phone rings (rare)

If I write a blog post, it's usually during the afternoons when I feel rested and caught up on housework.  Sometimes I work from a shared workspace near my home, so I'll write a blog entry if I'm finished with work before my time runs out. 

Those of you who blog daily, how do you fit it in?  How long does it take you to write a post?  Know any good shortcuts?