Workouts - December 14, 2015

Quick post, and a day late!  My life has been busy lately, and things like this just go by the wayside sometimes.  For the past month, I've been keeping a detailed paper training log, in a cheap weekly planner.  I've been making notes about my diet, health, stress levels, and each workout.  I think it's been very motivating and insightful, so I plan to continue into the next year.

Long run this week.  Yes, it's still hot here.

So, here are last week's workouts!

Monday: 6.5 @ 9:07 on the treadmill.  This was our last day in Florida.  I was sick of running flat (haha, yeah, I can't believe it either!), so I did one of those "random hill workout" things on the gym treadmill.  It was weird, but it felt like a decent workout.  I can't believe some people only get to run hills on the treadmill...I'd go crazy!

Tuesday: Rest, driving back from Florida

Wednesday: 6 @ 8:23.  This was a workout from my ridiculous new training plan.  I hated it.  It called for ten minutes of warming up, then six-minute "cruise intervals" with two minutes of rest in between, then a cooldown, for a total of 50 minutes of running.  I read the description of the workout over and over, but couldn't exactly figure it out.  Also, how the hell do you track something like this without staring at your watch the whole time??!  I ended up running a lap in the park, then doing the intervals at about a 7:15 pace.  I jogged the rest periods at about a 9:00 pace.  It was a hard workout for sure, but it was just like seven laps of the park which was DULL DULL DULL.  Also, it was awkward passing the same people over and over and looking like a crazy person.

Thursday: 7.2 @ 8:43, then a cooldown jog with my dog (1.2 @ 9:43).  I just did a big lap around the city in my comfortable shoes.  I set my watch to show heart rate instead of distance or pace, and it was a nice break.  I also got my road bike!  I assembled it from the box, using the instructions, and I hope I got it right!  I'm taking in into a shop this week to be tuned and fit.

So help me, I know nothing about road bikes, but relied on The Internets to research and assemble this thing.  Here's hoping I don't destroy my gorgeous face in 2016. 

Friday: 90-minute vinyasa yoga class.  I remembered my husband and I were signed up for a trail race the next day, so I decided to stretch out and prepare myself mentally with some yoga.

Saturday: 6.8 @ 8:50 on trails.  I ran one leg of a four-person relay for a trail 50k.  I really raced this, and got a few miles in the 7:30ish range where the trail was less technical.  My leg had about a mile-long section of very technical climbing, which I love.  Our team came in second overall in the coed division, with a time of 4:14:10.  I'll probably recap this race, if only because it was so much fun.  Our team mates want to do more trail relays during the coming year, and I'd love that.  I'm also toying with the idea of running an ultra trail series that starts in spring.

Our team is the group of abnormally tall people on the left, and my son is photobombing the whole thing.  And yes, our other female team member removed the baby from her chest before she ran. 

Sunday:  15.6 @ 9:29 for my weekly long run.  It was a bit of a struggle after Saturday's race, but back-to-back hard workouts are something I promised myself I would do more of this training cycle.  Even though the run was a bit of a death march, I feel totally recovered two days later, which is encouraging.

Totals: 44 miles of running, one yoga class, one injury prevention session (oops), one day of complete rest. 

That's it!  Have a great week, everyone.  I'm headed out for another ridiculous interval workout, so keep me in your thoughts (haha, just kidding) (but not really).