Workouts - December 21, 2015

How about a bare-bones weekly workouts update??  Yes!  Let's do it!

First, I want to show you guys a few candid photos I ran across while reviewing some tags on Instagram:

The left side is from October 2014.  I was completely focused on regaining cardiovascular fitness after recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.  The right side is from two weeks ago, at the relay exchange point for a trail race.  I have been lifting heavy weights and building a solid mileage base for about six months.  I think it is interesting to note that I weigh EXACTLY THE SAME THING in both photos.  Just last week, I was complaining about being a hard gainer, and struggling to see deltoid muscles in a lame mirror selfie.  But photos like these are so encouraging! 

Okay, enough vain silliness.

Monday - Hour-long yoga class.  My legs were not feeling so great after a weekend with a trail race and a 15+ mile run.  I took a mellow yoga class and it fixed me right up.

Tuesday - 6 @ 8:25 (speed workout), then 1.5 @ 9:49 with my dog.  The workout was a four-rung "ladder" at threshold.  It goes like this: run a two-mile warmup at "cruising speed" (for me, this is about 8:30 pace), then do 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 minutes at threshold (6:45 pace for me), taking half the amount of time to recover after each rung.  Then, run a mile cooldown.  This was actually a very fun workout, and not horrifying like some of the long intervals I have done over the past few weeks.  It's kind of cool to see the 6:45 pace on my watch, because that is territory I rarely get into if I'm left to my own devices.

Wednesday - 5 @ 8:53 hill workout on my home treadmill.  Work was shaping up to be a complete disaster, so I preemptively did a tough run on the treadmill before my family woke up.  In the dark.  With no music.  It can't always be glamorous.

Thursday - 9 @ 8:55 on the gym treadmill.  I took a short walk break in the second mile to remove my shirt, but other than that did not stop or get off the belt.  I know these treadmill runs are lame but honestly, they are what has helped me the most with stamina and mental toughness over the past several months. 

Friday - 2 @ 8:42, then an hour-long vinyasa yoga class.  I got to yoga half an hour early, and I was feeling very excited about the suddenly cold temperature (go ahead and laugh, we haven't had cold yet this year!).  I ran a quick two-mile out-and-back through this office park on a big hill, and it felt so a quick dunk in freezing water.  I was nice and warm by the time yoga started.

Saturday - 12.1 @ 8:39 for this week's long run, a cutback.  I felt strong the whole time, which was a welcome change from the week before.

Sunday - 3.5 @ 8:29 around campus and Railroad Park.  I woke up sick (?) in a very strange way.  My throat was all filled with phlegm, and I had a slight cough and absolutely no voice.  No other symptoms, and nothing below my neck.  I didn't really know what to think.  Working out while sick has become very tiresome for me this fall and winter...but I'm at a loss for how to keep everyone healthy with a toddler in the family.  There is always SOMEONE in the house with an upper respiratory infection, it would seem.  I waited until the afternoon and still felt weird, so I did one of those "just run for 15 minutes and see how you feel" runs. 

Totals - two yoga classes, three injury prevention sessions, and 39.3 miles of running (LOL too bad I didn't notice that and make it an even 40!).