Workouts - December 7, 2015

First of all...I think some of my family members are pooling together to get me a road bike for Christmas!  LOOK OUT 2016 TRIATHLONS!  Or maybe, one specific triathlon?  Where I can do well at the swim, suck at the bike, and live through the run?  Yes?  Maybe?

My little bird at the beach. 

We are still in Daytona Beach for my brother's wedding and related festivities.  (There are bonus wedding photos at the end!)  I did my fourteen-mile long run this week entirely on beach sand.  Bold choice, Rheagan.  That meant that after a rest day and some minor home surgery on some new blisters, I hit up the condo gym.  Much better!

Scene on my run.

Here is 14.3 miles in a straight line.

Monday: 3.4 @ 9:20 with my dog.  This was a distance PR for her!  In the evening, I took a 70-minute yoga class that focused on hamstring stretching and lower back strength.  That was some cosmic good luck, because those are two things I really need to work on :)

Tuesday: 9 @ 9:00 on the gym treadmill.  I am working toward 90 minutes on the treadmill without pauses or breaks, and I am almost there!  I just start the thing, ramp up to a comfortable/hard aerobic pace, and hold it as long as I can without pausing, slowing, or stepping off the belt.  It's a learned behavior, but it really helps with stamina. 

You know I can't resist the allure of a good mirror after a workout.  I'm trying to get leaner and build up my shoulders some.  I'm a hard gainer, though, and I think I will always have bony upper arms. At least I'm looking a bit leaner?  Maybe?

Wednesday: 5.3 @ 8:51 on my favorite downtown loop.  Nothing much to report from this run...just a bunch of traffic and texting drivers.

Thursday: 6.2 @ 8:52 on trails, as a fartlek workout.  I dropped my son off for school and had a few hours free.  I headed to a wooded park with a 5k loop and did two laps.  After about 20 minutes of warmup (it was about 35 F, and I ran in a hat and gloves), I did one-minute fartlek intervals.  I'm trying to follow a new training plan, but I'm not sure fartlek is something you do on trails.  Maybe?  I hope so.  I took a cooldown lap around the lake afterward, and accidentally stole someone's CR on Strava.  Oops.

Friday: Rest.  Drove all the way to Florida!

Saturday: 14.3 @ 9:16, mostly on beach sand.  LOL.  We went to my brother's wedding where I 1) danced all night in five-inch heels, and 2) had two slices of wedding cake. 

Sunday: Rest, again.  Much needed.

Totals: one yoga class, four injury prevention sessions, and 38.4 miles of running, including an easy run, a treadmill stamina session, a moderate road run, fartlek on trails, and a long run.  Okay, here are the some pictures of us at the wedding:

Have a great week!


Katie Pridgen said…
Triathlons. Cool. IMO, cycling is the easiest of the three sports to pick up with no prior experience, so you'd be going in with an advantage. :)
Dolly said…
Do it!!
I have an entry level Giant bike that I purchased back in 2009, it has moutainbike tires on it right now, and I haven't ridden it in a few years.... I started reading triathalon blogs, and thought it would be easy.

Turns out I am a wuss on the bike. I run against the flow of traffic. To go with the flow of traffic scares the sh*t out of me.

But, every year when the Kona World championships are broadcast on television, a part me thinks maybe I could finish an Ironman.
Tricia Vaughn said…
Isn't it great to be able to run in a different place with new things to see? I have a 14 miler on my schedule for this weekend and well it will be done somewhere around my house. It's a challenge to find a route without backtracking and without fear of dogs. Yea I live out in the county. We would love to have you join us in our Weekly Wrap link up, posts just like this would be perfect. There are also a few tri girls in there as well as bikers. Our link opens at 6PM CST and is open for 3 days. I hope you have a great rest of the week and safe travels back home. :)