A Week of Workouts - June 13, 2016

This will be a quick update.  I'm definitely going to reign in the amount of running I'm doing over the next several weeks, and thinking of sidelining these blog entries as well.  I've had some fairly serious health problems come back to the fore, and I need to focus on resting my body right now. 

Monday - 7.2 @ 9:30 in Spain Park, on roads and trails.

Tuesday - yoga

Wednesday - 7.1 @ 8:36 in Spain Park, on roads.

Thursday - 4 @ 8:49 around my neighborhood, followed by MYRTL and stretching.

Friday - yoga

Saturday - 8.1 @ 9:54 with the Track Club Saturday Long Run group.  I almost skipped, then decided to do an easy run and see how I felt after. 

Sunday - rest

So as you can see, not a whole lot to report.  About 26 miles of running, and two yoga classes.  The end!  Have a great week!


Dolly said…
Hey Lady,
I hope your health issues aren't too serious.... I'm also planning on scaling things back a little for the next few weeks. All the climbing I did in March, April, and May is starting to catch up to me. My left hamstring and right heel, have been feeling cranky, and I'm not really starting my training cycle until the beginning of August....I plan on lifting more weights and working on my stretching.

That said, I really admire how flexible you are!! I used to be able to do the splits with my left leg in front no problem in my 20's and I took my flexibility for granted. I've been at a "desk" job for almost a decade now, and my hamstrings are so much shorter than they used to be... I'm hoping to get that left leg split back someday, but mostly I want to stay healthy for running....

I hope you recovery quickly. I will miss seeing your stats on Strava.