A Week of Workouts - June 20, 2016

Hello and happy Monday, everyone!

The sky after Saturday's "long" run.  It seemed especially beautiful to me, but maybe it was the Percocet talking. 

I effectively cut my running mileage in half this past week.  Change is good.  I had some minor surgery on Thursday (with another procedure to follow this week).  The medical procedure itself isn't bad, but I have been completely addled on pain pills ever since.  I am am trying to deal with quite a bit of related stress and worry.  No, it is not anything that specifically affects my ability to run.  But I do need to take better care of my health overall -- particularly by resting a bit more.

Life has seasons.  They are not permanent.

Monday - an hour or yoga.

Tuesday - another hour of yoga!  Look at me, turning into a yoga fiend!  Also, my mom returned from an extended trip overseas, and was able to visit for a day.  It was a really lovely time.

My dog took a selfie, and it's probably my favorite photo from the week. 

Wednesday - 3 @ 8:10 on the treadmill.  It was pouring rain outside, and the gym was packed to the gills.

Thursday - 4.2 @ 8:42 on the trails of Veteran's Park.  I planned to go to yoga, and dressed myself accordingly in the morning.  Then, I bumped into a friend and spent so long chatting that I missed the beginning of the class.  Oops.  Instead, I just headed over to the park for a little run.  Luckily, I carry spare running shoes in the back of my car, but I didn't have socks, a hat, or sunglasses.  I put on some sunscreen and tried to suck it up, but ended up slipping my feet into some handy dog poop bags to help with the friction.  Yes, I wore dog poop bags as socks.  Don't try to tell me I'm not creative!  This run was HOT, HOT, HOT and the temperature was 103 Fahrenheit when I finished.

Poop bags for socks.

Friday - a spin class, which I totally sand bagged.  I was still recovering from the previous day's medical crap and didn't trust myself with anything more strenuous.  The nice thing about cycling classes is that you can take them at your own pace.  We also hosted a large-ish dinner party, and I spent the whole afternoon cooking, which was incredibly entertaining (and distracting -- perfect!).  Planning and cooking for large crowds is definitely one of my favorite things. 

Saturday - 13.1 @ 9:06 with the Long Run group.  This turned out to be a half marathon distance completely by accident, haha.  I ran about five miles early on, then joined the Track Club for a hilly route through Mountain Brook.  I felt really strong and happy the entire run, and was shocked to look down at my watch and see I had already run ten miles.  I turned back at that point, and ended up with just over thirteen.

Happy Father's Day from us!

Sunday - complete rest.  I finally finished reading Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall on Sunday evening, and I ordered the sequel -- Bringing Up the Bodies -- from Amazon almost immediately.  While I wait for it to be delivered, I am reading a nonfiction thriller called Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, by Donnie Eichar. 

Have a great week everyone!