Letting Go of Stress and Worry - June 27, 2016

As summer begins, I am learning to let go and do without a lot of the noise in my life.  To be sure, every life contains a certain amount of chaos.  Most chaos visits in uninvited spurts: car wrecks, illnesses, sleepless nights with unhappy children, vague assignments, hard deadlines.  Other chaos is invited in willingly, even joyfully.  What begins as a hobby or a volunteer project or even a simple social engagement can quickly escalate until it creates more stress than it relieves.

I have been experiencing a lot of both type of chaos in my life lately.  I am feeling a real need to simplify my commitments and rest my body and mind.

Now, I realize that -- as much as I would like to -- I cannot wave a magic wand over my life and remove everything that is causing me stress.  I am learning to be more patient.  I am learning that I cannot control every facet of my day-to-day experience.  I can, however, create a restful and meditative state of mind by reducing some of the more physically exhausting things I do.  To this end, I have started cutting out late nights, driving in traffic, and running in summer heat.

This is my choice.

I spent the past week doing exactly the physical exercise I wanted to do -- no more and no less.

Monday - Summer solstice, with a glorious full moon that stayed up past early morning twilight.  I wanted to run on trails with my dog.  We enjoyed the predawn light, and she chased a rabbit (while attached to my waist with the hands-free leash, natch!).  I saw six of my friends.  I quit when it got hot.  3 @ 9:27.

My wild little coyote.

Tuesday - 75 minutes of vinyasa hatha yoga.

Wednesday - 70 minutes of weight lifting with my friend Katherine, and a huge cup of amazing coffee to follow.

Thursday - Nothing at all.

Friday - 70 minutes of weight lifting with my friend Katherine, then 40 minutes in the pool with Katherine and some other triathlete folks.

Saturday - Saturday Morning Long Run with the Birmingham Track Club.  The weather was abysmal...92 degrees and 85% humidity.  I felt real pain on this run, but stuck it out.  My running buddy Andrea got some heat exhaustion midway through this run, and another friend and I dragged her into a Starbucks and stuffed her bra full of ice.  After some electrolytes and cold water, we jogged the last three miles at a pace I can only describe as "heroic."  I'm glad I went.  Amazingly enough, the Chevron station near the track club HQ was doing a promotional event and handing out free ICEE drinks.  I helped myself.  10.25 @ 9:47.

The "Before" picture.  I'm front and center in a pink bra top.  It happens. 
Have a fantastic week, everyone.


Dolly said…
I ran long on the treadmill on Friday, because I didn't want the pressure of a long run looming over my head for the weekend. On Saturday I jammed my toe so damn hard that I thought I at least sprained it.... On Sunday morning the morning low was 92 degrees. I said NOPE and went back inside.....

I love the Summer for the outdoor activities and extra daylight hours. But, I could do with a little less of the brutal heat.