A Week of Workouts - June 6, 2016

Woot!  Summer is here!

Beautiful Veteran's Park.

Monday - 6 @ 9:02, appropriately enough at Veteran's Park.  I met with a group from the BRATS running club (Birmingham Running and Training Society).  They had a brief remembrance ceremony and moment of silence, an hour of running in pace groups, and then some snacks and adult beverages.  All before 7:00 am!

7:00 am

That afternoon, my family drove a few hours to go to a big family picnic at my parents' house.  We had such a good time, that we decided to stay overnight and until early Wednesday morning.

Chilling with old photos of myself. 

Tuesday - 5.1 @ 9:01 with Nate, around my parents' neighborhood.  My dad agreed to watch W while we put some miles in together, which is always a rare treat.  Unfortunately, we ran at 10:00 am, when it was close to 90 degrees and very humid.  Five miles was definitely enough...any longer and we would have needed to stop for water and some recovery.

I look like I've been punched in the face. 

Wednesday -  Complete rest.

The effect that two days with the grandparents has on W.

Thursday - 7 @ 9:02 around Homewood and the Villages of Mountain Brook with some friends who train with Resolute Running.  I wanted to get away from my neighborhood a bit.  I parked in Homewood pretty early on, and did a three-mile lap while I waited for folks.  For miles four and five, I paced some of my friends who were doing tempo (pretty mellow, 9:05 pace).  Then, I sped up a bit coming back into town by myself.  The temperature was pretty decent (about 75), but the humidity was unreal at 99%.  Probably the most humid run I did all week.

Alleys in Homewood.

Homemade ice cream is probably my favorite food. 

Friday - Hour-long Ashtanga yoga practice, then some pull ups.  Heated yoga studios are like NBD for me anymore.

Saturday - 14.3 @ 8:53 on the Track Club's long run.  I got an early start on this one, by meeting Gary and Bryan for five-ish miles at 5:00 am.  I also set up one of the club's water stops, which meant I left home around 4:15.  I threw my oatmeal and coffee in travel containers and consumed them on the drive.  Never again!  I had major indigestion and thirst issues for the first two miles of the run.  I think I'm finally getting somewhat heat adapted, though, because as the sun started rising and people began to complain, I was like, "this isn't too bad, I guess."  I did slow down for miles eleven through thirteen, because I started to feel a little winded.

A big crowd on this run, for some reason.

Sunday - Another day of complete rest.

Doing another virtual yoga retreat, which means yoga in the living room when it rains. 

Totals - 32.5 miles of running, a yoga class, some pullups, and plenty of rest.  Also, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I ate ice cream six times in two days.  So it was an epic week for ice cream training.