Traveling to Savannah, Georgia

I do a lot of work with the international shipping industry, which means frequent travel to cities with harbors.  My favorite one by far is Savannah, Georgia.

Freight ships headed inland on the Savannah River. 
 I have a ton of reasons to love Savannah, some personal, some universal:

1.  My parents lived there for four years after I left home, so it has always been a nice vacation-y destination where I had the opportunity to gain an insider's familiarity.

2.  Because of the tourist crowd, and the presence of a major art school, there are interesting restaurants and a variety of bars and gastropubs.

3.  There is also a great art scene, and a local movement for approachable and affordable art that is so welcoming. 

3.  The whole of downtown is walkable and scenic.

4.  The history of Savannah is unique and so quintessentially American that you learn some fascinating new tidbit every time you visit.  

We spent four days in Savannah last week.  I had client meetings for a major shipping project that kicks off next month, and as soon as I put them on the calendar I decided to take my family along.  So here are some photos, mostly of beer and my son.  We didn't do much of the historical stuff this time around, not because we are charlatans but because we did the graveyards, squares, churches, and museums to DEATH on a visit with my parents last fall.

As soon as we start taking bags to the car, W gets excited. 
Almost immediately after arrival, we walked over to Moon River Brewery.  They have a new "summer porter" that I was dying to try, and it was so light-bodied and toasty! 
Moon River also has an enclosed and shaded biergarten with outdoor games, including this oversized Connect Four set.

My little guy :)
Nate was busy working his way through the different taps, so I decided to try something lighter.  This is their unfiltered witbier, and it tastes just like summer.
We ate dinner at Kayak Cafe, a (mostly) vegetarian place on Broughton near the Savannah College of Art and Design.  This is their famous Kayak Salad, with cilantro dressing.  I would probably eat this every day for a month and not get tired of it.  I'm working on a list of interesting restaurants with good kids' menus and vegan options, and this one will probably go at the top.  It's also incredibly cheap and has great service,, plus.
The following day was a very busy one for me, as I had a series of meetings starting at 7 am.  My guys walked downtown a bit, then took a break from the heat to rest up for a night out.  Since we only had a few more hours in town, I wanted to do the touristy thing and get beers and seafood on the riverfront.

The view from where we ate, on the balcony at Tubby's Fish House.
If you eat outdoors at Tubbys, the bartender rings a bell every time a ship goes out to sea.  Then, shots of house liquor are $1 for the next five minutes.  We didn't partake this time around, but it's endlessly entertaining to watch the most straight laced business travelers get hosed on well whisky. 
I would also like to add that my son ate an entire order of fish and chips and loved every bite.  Who knew?!
Okay, that's the end of our 40-hours stay in Savannah.  We got up early the next morning and drove to Charleston, then on to visit family in the D.C. area for a little Memorial Day weekend trip.  I have more pictures to share from those places, too.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!