Workouts and Other Related Ramblings - May 4, 2015

Yeah, I know this is technically a day early.  But I have already designated today a rest day and I want to get it out of the way.  I have a LOT of things to ramble on about.  And no photos, sorry. 

First of all!

April 27 - May 3
Monday: 4 miles on the treadmill, unsure of the pace because it was my first treadmill run with my new watch!  I had some issues with the upload, but it's all fixed now.  I also did abs after, but who really counts that.
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 2.9 miles outdoors, 9:16 pace
Thursday: TRX upper body workout, 3.5 miles on the treadmill, like an 11:00 pace because I wanted to really fully warm up my leg and go easy
Friday: a generic "vinyasa" yoga class that *SURPRISE* focused on the hips!
Saturday: 7 miles on the treadmill (!), 10:33 pace (9:50 pace after the warmup)
Sunday: Rest

The Stupid Injury
Guys.  Guys!  The seven-mile treadmill run is HUGE!  On Tuesday of last week, I was cleared to run on the treadmill ("go nuts").  I am really working to make use of the HR zone information I got at my new gym, so I wanted to spend an hour on a moderate run.  Not once during this run did my leg hurt!  Huge success.

I am very excited to relay this information at my physical therapy appointment in the morning.  Things could be finally turning around.  I had a bit of an emotional setback last week after an appointment with my fancy new sports medicine MD.  She said there is more going on with my leg than just typical ITBS.  It is still soft tissue, and still treatable, but not something that simple rest will fix.  The left side of my pelvis is functioning out of alignment with the right, and some tendons are loosened.  All of this is possibly due to the fact that I am small and I birthed a big baby in the not-so-distant past.  Rats.  My doctor was very encouraging, though, and said it would be an easy fix with four weeks of very intense physical therapy.  I'm ready to ROCK the PT.

I am trying not to dwell on it, but the next race in my track club's 2015 series is an eight-mile trail combo about nine weeks from now.  I don't want to be a hero, and I have discarded any time goals or egotistical thought about this.  But, I would love to be able to run it from start to finish.  We will see.

The Coffee Thing
I went a full eight days with zero coffee.  I'll just give you the long and short of it.  I had withdrawal symptoms, which peaked at day three and then got better suddenly.  I no longer had the dehydrated feeling that plagues me most mornings. I (think I) slept better?  Probably.  This morning, I had a small cup after breakfast, and I don't think I'll be doing it again for a week or more. 

The TomTom Multisport Cardio
Love it.  Heart rate monitor works like a charm, despite some fit issues with the watch band itself.  The treadmill calibration is a little wonky/still a work in progress.  The features are just incredible, after using a no-frills Garmin for so long.  It really is a lot of watch for the money.  I had some problems with the upload to Strava, but I figured it out.  If anyone is having issues linking TomTom MySports to Strava, message me, and I will give you some detailed help.  I solved the problem as well as developed a few workarounds in case this happens again.  I still haven't tested the watch in the pool, but hope to get a swim in this next week. 

Active Metabolic and Body Composition Testing
I promise to share.  Soon.  I just managed to get good jpegs of the information sheets showing my results, so I will at least post them with some commentary.  I have been thinking about the body composition/"dunk tank" stuff and I'm not sure I will post it at all.  It has detailed information about my body, which 1) is sort of...a weird thing to make public, right? and 2) probably isn't very informative for my audience.  I also really hate it when bloggers post irrelevant information about their height or weight or aspects of their physical lives in a context that doesn't inform.  Do people still use the word "trigger"?  Would this stuff be "triggering"?

I suppose I could talk some about the results and compare them to how I actually look, because I know that is something that would appeal to a broad audience.  I could also talk about my habits with diet and exercise and how they likely translate into the results.  But either of these spins on the matter would likely involve some serious navel gazing and possibly photos of my physical person.  And I'm just not very vain.  Thoughts?  (Edit: I pulled the trigger, and you can view the completed post right here).