Workouts - May 11, 2015

I continue crawling my way back to running fitness following my injury.  I still have the sacral torsion and slight ITBS, but the pelvic rotation seems to have been corrected.  I am doing physical therapy twice a week.  I have good days and setbacks, some painful runs and some weirdly normal runs.  I am still hopeful, working hard, and trying to be patient!

May 4 - May 10
Monday: two hours of physical therapy, which involved some not-too-challenging resistance work
Tuesday: 3.9 miles on the treadmill, 10:00 pace
Wednesday: two hours of physical therapy, with some more difficult resistance work
Thursday: 3.7 miles outdoors, 9:17 pace
Friday: 2500-meter swim (basically one hour of swimming)
Saturday: 2 miles on the gym treadmill, 9:44 pace, an hour of Ashtanga yoga
Sunday: 5 miles on the home treadmill, 10:02 pace, VERY hot and my HR was all over the place

TomTom Multisport Cardio GPS Watch (Continued!)
In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when you wear a HR monitor for a vinyasa-style yoga class:

As it turns out, it is a decent aerobic workout, just like I always suspected.  I did feel a little weird wearing a GPS watch to the yoga studio, but whatever, it was for science!  Fortunately, the studio is inside my gym, so a lot of people come directly to yoga from the gym floor.

I also wore the watch for Friday's swim.  I decided to spend a full hour in the pool, and I ended up with 100 laps in the 25 meter pool, which was oddly satisfying.  I am an efficient swimmer, so this was not a challenging workout.  I was probably in aerobic zone 2 or 3 for the duration, and I only took a few short breaks at the lane end.

The TomTom is great in the water.  It is easy to read underwater (although I need to alter my stroke a bit to see the face).  I didn't notice any weird drag, and the band stayed secure.  The casing is very water proof, and water just beads up on the face (not sure why I was worried about this!).  It does a beautiful job counting laps.  I tested this with both flip turns, which I use for freestyle, and breaststroke open turns.  I followed the advice on the DC Rainmaker blog, and kept my turns very "crisp" to avoid errors with the accelerometer.  No complaints.

I will note that the lap count is affected by sloppy turns or stopping at the end of the lane.  Each time you stop without a flip turn, the watch "shorts" you a lap.  I found this is easily fixed by either 1) not stopping at the lane end, or 2) ending the lap with a flip turn and then stopping after the push off.  It's not always possible to do a swim workout without stopping AT ALL, because goggles come off, you need to start an interval set, etc.

And this is not a complaint, but the HR monitor does not function in swim mode.  You have the option of using the watch in freestyle mode while in the pool instead.  Basically, you have to choose whether to count laps or record HR data, but not both.

I am already working on a ridiculously detailed post about my VO2 max, active metabolic, and body composition testing.  I even took some very ridiculous photos of my legs and abs which I figure I will go ahead and post for the sake of science.  YOLO, right?  (Edit: You can view the completed post right here).