A Week of Workouts - February 1, 2016

Well, here's the post, late and probably full of things no one wants to read.  Oh well.

Life has me really down lately, for a lot of uninteresting reasons.  Family stuff.  Health stuff.  Work stuff.  Other boring adult-y things that don't make good blog fodder.  I will summarize with this little list: 1) a close family member has recently received a frightening medical diagnosis, and it has dramatically changed our day-to-day lives, 2) we were the victim of a crime this past week, and that alone has caused a lot of anxiety, 3) I have been very ill with a high fever, and 4) I am in the process of reorganizing my relationship with my employer, and it is causing me stress and self-doubt. Also,  I would never consider this something "negative," but I have borne a huge amount of solo parenting responsibility over the past few weeks.  That is unlikely to change in the near future.

I am questioning my ability to stay committed to running through all of these things.  I have no races scheduled.  All of this is very depressing to me.  Doubly so when I consider how weak and rundown I feel after a week with the flu.

Enough.  Here are the (nonexistent) workouts.

Monday - 5.26 @ 8:36 around one of my favorite downtown loops.  Typing this seems laughable to me now.  Even today, one week later, I would probably find it impossible to repeat this run at this pace.

Tuesday and Wednesday - too sick to move from the couch/bed for anything other than necessary parenting activities.

Thursday - an hour long yoga class that felt like a 20-mile run

Friday - an hour-long yoga class that felt marginally better

Saturday - finally feeling a bit better, but the track club run was cancelled so I didn't do anything.

Sunday - 8 @ 9:25 on the course for the Mercedes Marathon.  The track club was hosting a 14-mile course preview, and I showed up for the social aspect.  I felt decent enough to run with the 9:30 pace group, so I did most of the run with them.  By mile 7, I was feeling so winded and tired, I just headed home.  That's the beauty of living downtown, I guess.

Now it's Monday and I'll admit I wasn't able to fit a run in today, either.  I had some family stuff to take care of, I had to care for my son, and I couldn't even fit in a trip to the gym (where there is childcare) without disrupting his schedule.  I also had work deadlines to make, which....UGHHHH!  To give you an example of how crazy this makes me, I literally had one of my engineers come OVER TO MY HOME to finalize a contract while my son napped.  We were whispering in the kitchen.  Not even kidding right now. 

I don't know how I am going to make this stuff work, and I am going to be parenting alone again several days this week.  I suppose I could get a sitter, but that seems very selfish for something like a recreational running habit.  I'll decide.

Of course, it is my intent to blog my "running life" through the ups and downs.  I blogged through my spring injury last year, and I will continue to blog through this mess.  I know I will come out on the other side.  After all, fitness is a lifetime undertaking, right?  There have been episodes in my life where I have spent months at a time without any deliberate exercise.  And thus far, they have not managed to make me unhappy or out of shape.

Here's to a better month in February!


Katie Pridgen said…
Good luck with all the adult crap in your life. I was also a victim of a crime (stolen car) this week, and I can't believe how much it killed my motivation. There's nothing I can do. Sitting around worrying about it literally doesn't help anything. Yet my motivation has plummeted, and it's been hard for me to force myself to exercise, even beyond the obvious transportation issues brought about by not having a car in a large Western state. Again, best wishes regarding everything, especially the medical diagnosis. Dealing with missing stuff is nothing compared to a sick family member.
Dolly said…
Keep your head up Rheagan. Sorry to hear that your family was a victim of crime. I know you can't give more details than that. But, I could only imagine how shaken up you might feel.

My kids are only slightly older than yours. But, I know that my world would completely stop when someone was ill. My older son had constant ear infections, and my daughter had a few scary bouts of croup. Training would be put on the back burner, and it stinks because running is seriously a coping mechanism for me. I have a ton of energy, and anxiety at times. Running helps me blow off steam, and give me the ability to be more patient in my day to day life.

You have a solid fitness base, so I doubt you will lose any gains during this down time.
I like seeing your updates on Strava too.