New Post, New Shoe Day!

Hello, and welcome to Friday night's confessional post.

Already, so much shade is being thrown.  (Just kidding, she was begging for bagels.)

Alas, ladies and gentlemen, I have become the thing that frightens and confuses me most.  I have become the person in the ugly Hokas.

That's right.  I have my very own pair of clown shoes.

You have GOT to be kidding me with these colors, too.  Insult, injury, etc.

My orthopedist has a working theory that my peroneus muscle strain is the result of too much motion control in my shoes, especially on the right.  Except, I don't wear a motion control shoe.  Never have.  I run in a neutral shoe.

My insteps are so high, that probably 60-70% of the bottom surface of my foot doesn't make any contact with the insole of the shoe unless I force my weight down and roll inward (pronate).  It hasn't really ever bothered me.  I just try to find the most narrow and low-volume shoes I can, and then get on with my life.  In the past, I have liked Mizuno Wave Riders (older versions...the new construction from like 2013 onward sucksss), Adidas Adizero Boost, and the Brooks Ghost.  The free pair of Saucony ISO Triumph 2s that I was gifted by the local running store have been in the rotation, too.

I'm usually left with a shoe that is comfortable, but still a little too wide for my foot.  I rock around.  Lately, I guess I've been rocking outward (supinating) on the right side a little more than I should.  I have my theories that the freebie Saucony's were the main culprits in this.  Whoops.*  So I need to either get into a super-low-volume shoe or get some custom orthotics ($200 worth of NOPE for the time being).

Enter the Hoka One One Conquest (ugh even the name is lame, and did you know "One One" is pronounced "oh-nay-oh-nay"?  EYE ROLLS FOREVERRRRR.).  Well, I put them on, and they fit.  My foot did not rock around at all. 

But WTF with the way these things look!!!  At least I'm sort of a larger/taller person, so they don't look THAT disproportionate.  Right?

I ran around the building and had no pain.  None.  I even went outside, then ran a little loop.  Again, no pain.  No fear of having to bail and walk it in.


They even have little lock laces built in.  And they feel fine without a sock.  I'm damn near six feet tall when I wear them.

Please don't judge me.

Later, y'all.

* And you may have noticed that I haven't reviewed this shoe yet, despite thinking I would, at least after accumulating some miles on them.  At this time, I can't really recommend these shoes for anyone with narrow feet, especially narrow heels.  Just trying to be honest.