A Week of Workouts - February 15, 2016

I'm still taking it easy on my foot, and eagerly awaiting my orthopedist appointment a week from today.  I think it is almost entirely better, but I am exercising caution.  Either way, I got in some quality workouts this week.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - one hour of swimming, which included about 2800 yards.  I think I did a 500 warmup, then some progressive sets of freestyle and breaststroke, worked on flip turns, and did about a 300 cooldown. 

Wednesday - an hour-long weights circuit for the lower body, focus on glutes.  I'm really trying to build up specific muscles, for both aesthetic and performance reasons.  The booty is at the top of the list!  I warmed up by running on the treadmill, but I cut it short when my foot didn't feel great.  Here is the workout, if you are interested:

Run .25 miles
Box stepups 18# 3x10 each side
Walking lunges 25# 6x10
Bodyweight back extension 3x10
Assisted pullup 70# 3x10
Assisted pullup 50# 3 (failure)
Hamstring cables 10# (10x extension, 10x curl) 3x each side
Deadlift:  45# 10, 65# 3x10, 85# 3x5
Adduction 85# 3x10
Abduction 85# 3x10
Hamstring prone 30# 3x10

Sorry if that notation is weird or doesn't make sense.  As you can see, this was a weights workout focused on deadlifts. I maxed out the third set of deadlifts at 85 pounds.  That means I have probably lost strength since summer, but I wanted to keep my reps high and be careful, considering I haven't deadlifted in several months.

Thursday - 3,000-yard swim, which took about 70 minutes.  I didn't rush, and took breaks between sets.  I love swimming :)

Friday - a one-hour cardio/weights circuit with a group at the gym.  It involved a lot of plyometrics and was really fun.  At the end, I was pleasantly surprised that my foot didn't hurt at all, and I made a mental note to go attend this workout whenever I have the chance.

In the afternoon, I took my road bike out for a little spin...just like six miles.  I am still learning how to operate it, and get used to the speed.  I walked it down one giant hill, because I was worried about going TOO fast and potentially losing control.  I know, I know...I am really scared of traffic and that is going to take some getting used to.

Saturday - an hour on the stationary bike trainer, mostly reading articles about the late Justice Scalia.  What an interesting dude.  I did always enjoy reading the wry wit in his opinions.

Sunday - Rest

I do have a few more things I'd like to address.  This week, I received a few (okay, two) hate-filled emails and several bizarre comments on my Instagram (since deleted).  Apparently, this blog was mentioned on a private message board that I cannot access.  I'd just like to lay a few things out, in case anyone misunderstands my intentions or goals with this blog.

I think it goes without saying, but I do not post about every aspect of my life.  I post the things I believe are 1) related to fitness, and 2) interesting to an audience of strangers.  I spend probably less than one percent of my free time on this blog, which is probably obvious haha.

It has never been my intent that anyone should compare their fitness or their body to mine.  It has never been my intent to show off my body.  I believe fitness is a lifelong pursuit without universal standards, not some particular "achievement" that looks the same on everyone.  I personally strive to get stronger and better at every activity I do, whether it's yoga or hiking or making a paper airplane.  It's just my personality. 

I love and appreciate all my readers, I really do.  I love your comments and emails.  As I do every week, I thank you for reading.  Have a great week!