A Week of Workouts - February 22, 2016

I've been having a lot of fun with workouts lately.  I haven't been running very much, but I have been making the most of what I can do.

My cross-eyed little lady is creepin' on my snacks.  She also wishes we were doing more running. 

Monday - Rest.  I guess I don't really get on board with the Never Miss a Monday thing, huh?

Tuesday - Ran a cautious mile on the treadmill at an 8:45 pace, to see if my foot would fall off.  My foot did not fall off.  I did an hour-long full body barbell circuit with moderate weights and moderate reps.  Between exercises, I did HIIT cardio...things like jumping jacks, box jumps, and burpees.  My foot still did not fall off, or even hurt.  Exciting!

Wednesday - I tempted fate with another 15 minutes on the treadmill.  It ended up being 1.7 @ 8:36.  Wednesday is also heavy weights day!  I wanted to do another deadlift-focused workout like last week, and up the weight.  This workout took about half an hour:

Stationary lunges onto the BOSU - 30 each side
Box jumps - 3x10 onto a 24" box
Barbell row - 3x10 with a 70# barbell
Bench press - 3x10 with the bar only (which is 45#)
Bench press - 2x4 with 55# (these were lower reps because I was REALLY CLOSE to failure and didn't have a spotter...FYI dropping a barbell on your chest in a crowded gym is humiliating)
Deadlift - 3x8 with 95# (I am working up to my body weight + 10%)

Thursday - Swam 3,014 yards in exactly an hour.  I just swam moderate intensity freestyle without stopping until the hour was up. It felt nice.

New suits!  Pro tip: if you don't care about specific colors/styles, buy directly from TYR and choose the "grabbag" option.  They will send you past seasons' suits in your selected size for $19.99 each (these retail for $55-$70).  I think I lucked out with the colors, don't you?  The one on the left is much skimpier that I would have selected on my own, but #YOLO I guess. 

Friday - I did the same hour-long cardio weights circuit I did last week.  It is very performance-based, and almost like a bootcamp format.  I wore a heart rate monitor, and my heart rate was up fairly high, which I found surprising.  The average for the circuit was 130, and the peak was 185.

(That's on par with a running hill workout, so I'm hoping it's effective for maintaining my conditioning while this injury heals.  Oddly enough, the only thing that really causes me pain right now is running.  LAME.  But I digress.)

Also, on Friday night I met my friend Katherine at the pool to swim a bit for fun.  She's a triathlete, and I met her through my track club.  We were in the water for an hour, and my watch logged 1,600 yards.  We did a warmup, a really heinous speed workout, then just faffed around with some butterfly and IM stuff.  We also did a lot of standing around in the water talking, which is way more fun that speed workouts, I guess. 

Saturday - 2 @ 8:46 in the park.  I was feeling very optimistic about my foot, so I went for a very flat, very mellow run.  It was incredibly hot and humid, which I found shocking!  I didn't have any pain on this run, but I had some soreness and then sharp pain for several hours after.  By evening, I only felt a dull ache in the side of my foot.  At the time, I didn't think I had overdone it, and I made tentative plans to run with a group the next morning.

Even though there are no scenic mountain vistas, running around downtown has interesting views. 

Sunday - When my alarm clock went off, I tested my foot and told myself that if I felt ANY pain at all, I would skip the group run.  I am just too "competitive" to trust myself to take it easy on a group run (even with a small, casual group of friends, and yes I know it's silly).  The side of my foot felt sore with flexion, so I decided not to chance it.  Instead, I ran 2.5 @ 8:55 by myself once the sun was up.  I made an effort to find a little route without any incline or camber and that is incredibly hard to do in Birmingham!  I really think I overdid it a bit with this run, and my foot has been quite sore every since.

This week, I plan to take a few more days completely away from running, and then reevaluate.  I've been keeping up a pretty good routine of stretching, rolling, scraping the muscle, and icing several times a day.  All of that seems to help, and I still haven't experienced the same type of pain I had in the first few days, so I think it is healing.

Everyone have a great week!


Christina M said…
Thank you so much for the hint about TYR's grab bag suits!! I love my TYR but I really need a new one and I don't have a ton of money to spend on one right now. I suppose I'll end up with pink (blech) but who's gonna see it anyway? This is awesome!
Dolly said…
Very pretty swimsuits. I love the colors.
Katie Pridgen said…
Sorry to comment on such an old post, but I've got a question about the grab-bag option. Are they all somewhat "sporty" swimsuits or is there a chance I'll get a flowy tankini or something otherwise bad for racing?

This is such a great deal, so I think I'm gonna take advantage of it!
Rheagan said…
@Katie Pridgen no problem! I hope you can see this, because I am having trouble with comments on my blog.
I couldn't find any info on this, but reviews of the grab bags are all for the "sport" suit models. They ship the ones they have in surplus, and TYR produces mostly sport suits by far. I say roll the dice!